Cool me down ...

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Okay, these days i`m only thinking how to cool myself down, so i created two new boards on my Pinterest profile, and they are like a real summer survival kit for me!
Here are the top five things to do in a hot week:
1. make yourself some cool refreshment, ice cold lemonade, frozen pops, ice cream, or cocktail on a stick,
2. watch the "New girl" on repeat, till` the new episodes in September, imagine the kiss of Jess and Nick,
3. record the video on your parking lot, while you dancing like This, but be careful, you don`t want to find yourself on the concrete, cause you are drunk from those cocktails above,
4. wash your feet, we all know how can they become smelly from the ballet flats, oh us women, someone said ones that we are worst than men,
5. wear a pink lipstick or do whatever you like.

And if you are bored, you can always make a fashion blog! ;) Just kidding!

Have a nice day!

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