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                                                                                               shoes: bershka,
                                                                                               jeans: zara,
                                                                                               t-shirt: h&m,
                                                                                               vest: thanks to Romwe ( click here),
                                                                                               necklace: breil,
                                                                                               ring: les jumelles,
                                                                                               sunglasses: aldo,
                                                                                               clutch: Tasnarija,
                                                                                               nail polish: Avon, vintage blue (here)
                                                                                               ph. Branislava (Divine World of Fashion)

Through my previous posts and your comments, i noticed that there is constantly love&hate game with these baggy jeans but also with the silver, almost mirror shine shoes! And here they are again, mixed together! Double love or double hate, what will be today? ;) I paired it with my new white vest from Romwe (check their new clothes that arrives daily), silver jewelry pieces and sequin clutch ... Can`t wait to hear your thoughts! :)

Happy Monday!

p.s. huge thanks to Brana for making these lovely photos!
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p.p.p.s. song for today, click, click, click!

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