Illustrator Flashback: Jason Brooks

Jason's style is as infamous as it is recognizable. Widely copied, it arguably became one of the most identifiable illustrative styles around the millennium era. His work for Hed Kandi dominated mainstream illustration, and had such huge influence during the peak of Ibiza's popularity, that Hed Kandi continued to commission illustrators to replicate his long limbed, glossy lipped, narrow eyes beauties years after he left.

As his style continues to evolve (F.I.G and his website currently display his more recent hand based / less digital works), it's great to discover this in one of my old copies of The Face, dated way back from January 1993. Completely hand drawn without a digital alteration in touch, you'd be forgiven for not thinking these were by Brooks. The 'Bovril Babe' being the only giveaway to his future work. It's always exciting as an illustrator myself to see just how much an illustrator's style has changed over the years and seeing the development there. More flashback posts will happen for sure when I can. Have fun reading the quotes (click to enlarge)

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