Judith Van Den Hoek

Dutch illustrator and graphic designer Judith is someone whom I have been keeping an eye on for some time.

The influence of Gruau and Downton is clear in her work for sure, yet it avoids being completely derivative, due to the slightly more sharper approach to her lines and the soft grey tones of her backgrounds. There is a clear sense of determination to boil the image down to as little as possible, demanding the absolute satisfaction out of just one single line or two for the silhouette, the complete hallmark of a true minimalist approach. Judith openly states her love for Gruau in her interview with Fashionarium, and her sense of reductivism is something I greatly admire.

Materials wise, Judith uses Paint toolsCopic Ciao Felt pen (100 Black)pencils and Black marker. Photoshop is also used after drawing to give to the illustration a fresh and clean look. Her work has won her interest by Vogue Nederland whom she now currently illustrates for. For more of her work, check her blog or tumblr

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