David Downton for Luxure and L'Officiel Italia

I'm a little late in making this post admittedly, but it's nonetheless still worth posting, as Downton scores again with a double whammy of september issues.
L'Officiel launches it's debut Italian issue with an exclusive cover of Shana Zadrick wearing Armani Priv�, and Luxure commemorates it's fifth anniversary by commissioning Downton's for it's cover artist. Hopefully most readers will be aware that David famously drew Cate Blanchett for Australian Vogue's 50th anniversary issue, with a varied range of covers, all of which now impossible to find or buy online. Make sure you buy these while they are still available, regardless of content, as they will certainly become collectors items in the future. (for collectors like myself!)

www.daviddownton.com is regularly updated with all of his latest work, and his book Masters Of Fashion Illustration (which is truly recommended) has recently been released in paperback.

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