Gary Card - 'Inflate Redux' for Dazed & Confused ipad edition.

An exclusive for Decoy, Gary showcases the original colour format works for 'inflate redux', a series of illustrations commissioned for the ipad edition of Dazed & Confused, originally published back in october 2010 in black and white. Love Gary's eye for colour and his ink use in these.

"A couple of years ago I designed costumes for an experimental editorial for Dazed and Confused with Anthony Maule and Robbie Spencer, making our models into strange amorphic, distorted creatures by over padding and layering clothing with my bizarre latex costume pieces. I was delighted when dazed then asked me to re-interpret the shoot by illustrating the shoot for the i-pad edition of the magazine."

To view more of Gary's illustration, click here.
To view the original editorials, click here.

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