Tara Dougans, Couture Spring Summer 2013

Tara's striking new series of works covering the couture fashion week, quite possibly her most accomplished yet, are now live on Showstudio's site.
Tara is known for her painstaking hand drawn detail and obsessive rendering of intricacies, and these are no exception, taking her a total of three weeks from start to finish, which included a livefeed on showstudio's site of Tara working away during some of those long 12 hour days. 
Exploring gif animation once again as her final result, Tara's illustrations of her weeping widows perfectly encapsulate the obsession with detail and scrutiny that has always been the focus of Haute Couture, focusing on minute details such as hand drawing hundreds of sequins on a Chanel look. It's no surprise that Nick Knight has taken such an interest in Tara, personally requesting her to be a part of Showstudio's fashion week coverage. (I'm also proud to say that she is providing the exclusive new centerfold for Decoy issue 4). Showstudio infact are bringing in a different illustrator for each week of the shows, so far there has been Hellen Bullock for Menswear, Tara for Couture, Candybird for New York Fashion Week and now Amelie Hegardt is covering London Fashion Week. To view more information about the project, head to to Showstudio here


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