We  recently  had  a  very  successful  visit  from  Branko  Popovic  and  Nawie  Kuiper  from  FASHIONCLASH. FASHIONCLASH is an international and interdisciplinary fashion platform based in The Netherlands, with a main focus on new generation of designers. Main goal of FASHIONCLASH is to connect talent, various disciplines, cultures and reach a broad audience through the art of fashion. FASHIONCLASH provides the platform by developing and organizing projects where young designers / artists can show their work.

FASHIONCLASH  are  currently  looking  for  submissions  from  final  year  students  and  graduates. This  is  a  fantastic  opportunity  to  have  your  work  seen  on  an  international  stage  and  to  meet  graduates  and  young  designers/artists  with  similar  goals  and  ambitions. - INFORMATION  REGARDING  APPLICATION  CAN  BE  FOUND  ON  THIS  LINK

The  FASHIONCLASH  blog  posted  an  article  on  their  visit  to  the  college.
Work  above  by Sarah  Ryan - 2013  Graduate -  among  many  who  were  featured.

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