It has been a very long time since I have posted on here. This is in part due to the fact I am in the last stages of completion for my book, and also that the last few months seem to have been somewhat of a quiet period in fashion illustration.

Jiiakuann however is a Chinese illustrator whom I have not had the fortune to come across before, and is something of an exciting discovery. Popular with mens publications L'Official Homme China, GQ China and FHM China, Jiiakuann states her work is heavily influenced by the figurative fine art of Lucian Freud, Elizabeth Peyton and Egon Schiele amonst others.

Her scenes are almost overwhelming with detail, and despite citing watercolour as her medium of choice, there are none of the usual bland watery tones evident. Her colours are rich and vibrant and something of a breath of fresh air to the current selection of illustrators currently in favour. While the environments and details of her work and bustling and active, her men are aloof amidst the chaotic scenes, resting and staring out calmly.

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