Trending: Balenciaga Cut-Out Boots

The Balenciaga Ceinture ankle boots have made a significant mark in fashion as the unconventional It shoe of the Summer. Kind of like what Isabel Marant wedge sneakers were for the blogosphere two years ago: basically unsuitable for hot weather but so amazingly cool when paired with dresses and skirts, regardless of high temps. These booties have also usurped the position of being the must-have, transitional staple for cooler seasons, and unsurprisingly have risen in popularity amongst blogger mavens since last Fall. Take a peek at the street style looks that are setting the tone for wearing these most coveted clunkers...


Roos-Anne @ModeRosa

Ashley @SmashleyBell


Celine @HippieHippieMilkshake


Boots, Balenciaga (Gold Buckle or Silver Buckle)
Shop the look-for-less replica pair from Dolls Kill here.

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