Irish Arts Review - Regeneration - Featuring 2014 Graduate Eadaion Ni Drisceoil

Limerick�s fashion forte as represented by Eadaoin Ni Drisceoil expresses purposeful creativity,' 
Eadaoin  is  featured  among  the  best  2014  Graduates  in  the  country. She  is currently  working  for Paris  based designer  Sharon  Wachob  as  part  of  the   IFIL  Bursary which  she  was  awarded  in  May at  the LSAD  Graduate  Fashion  Show.

Eadaoin Ni Drisceoil 
Limerick School of Art and Design

Eadaoin Ni Drisceoil is the recipient of the inaugural Irish Fashion Incubation Limerick Bursary. This is not a student placement but a real job for a capable fashion designer. She will be based in Paris working alongside the highly accomplished international designer Sharon Wauchob who hails from Co Tyrone.
Ni Drisceoil  studied fashion design at Limerick School of Art and Design (LSAD), an institution listed in the top fifty fashion colleges in the world. Winning the IFIL prize here, in competition with twenty-six other graduating designers with international work experience, testifies to her distinction.
Ni Drisceoil exhudes an aura of quiet confidence. Her understanding of the fashion business is already mature. And her appreciation that creativity must have a purpose is crucial in the context of fashion and its fiercely competitive marketplace. Acutely aware of the scope of the business; she is keen to learn more about photography, styling, production and technology. This holistic approach is central to developing a career as a Creative Director at her own label or for one of the leading international brands.
Somewhat unusually for a recent graduate, references to consumers and to the ability of a designer to respond to the needs of the market �season� her conversation.
In selecting the IFIL bursary winner, Sharon Wauchob was consciously looking for someone with the ability to bring a fresh and alternative point of view to the classical influences that often pervade the world�s fashion capitol. Paris offers an exciting opportunity for Eadaoin Ni Drisceoil. I expect she will make her mark.
Eddie Shanahan is Chairperson of the Council of Irish Fashion Designers.

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