pistachio green wool pants 
lemon-yellow wrapped top
Martin Munkacsi

Bergdorf Goodman

One-piece sharkskin jumpsuit


knee-length, side-wrapped shorts and wrapped top
Louise Dahl-Wolfe

Lord & Taylor

Dinner Pajamas in sheer yellow wool
Edmond Frisch jewels

Clare Potter

Omar Kiam

Fur-belted silk shantung dinner dress buttoned with big wheels of rhinestones.

Rosario Perez and Antonio Ruiz
The Kids from Seville

"The Nightclub sensation of the season."


Tailored white silk chiffon fastened at the top with tassels. Beads and paillettes encrust the lapels.

Bergdorf Goodman

White crepe printed with sheaves of deep-purple flowers. The skirt, a waterfall of shimmering white fringe.

Decor: Amster and Lamb

Tiered cotton lace from Henri Bendel

Decor by Amster and Lamb

Jay Thorpe

Jewels - Paul Flato

Kalmour at Saks Fifth Avenue
Spalding-Gorham Jewelry

Decor: Amster and Lamb
Photographs: Hoyningen-Huene


Jewelry designer,Jean Schlumberger, designs his first dress in heavy white silk faille seamed in gold braid. At the waist, a sash of pale blue satin with black fringes.

This is a white issue...
Harper's Bazaar December 1940
Martin Munkacsi
Louise Dahl-Wolfe

eyes on the forties at devodotom

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