Beeline To The Sun

Silk dresses by Donald Brooks photographed in the wind-carved Valley of Goreme, Turkey.

Mosaic of Gold and Lace

Pat Sandler on Veruschka in a frescoed Byzantine chapel arching deep within Gerome Valley rock.

Joan Arkin

In Pamukkale, Silver Spangled Evenings

Anne Fogarty

Kimon Kouros of Greece

Princess Tazi of Marbella


Hannah Troy

Ellen Brooke for Sportswear Couture

Dominic for Matty Talmack

Pauline Trigere

In Nemrud Dagh's setting sun

Emmanuelle Khan

At the Tomb Sanctuary of Antiochhus 1 of Commagene


Amongst Nemrud Dagh's ruins

Eastward To Eden
Vogue December 1966
Photography: Henry Clarke

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