One-Buttons Check In

Top: Petrocelli black and white fine check worsted suit.
Above: Grey-worsted check by Ambassador

The Tab-Cuff Shirt by Prince Ferrari
Tie by X'Andrini
Onyx and silver bamboo links by Grand Prix

Sport Jackets:
The Contemporary Approach

Red and Black Silk Hound's-tooth-check
Red silk-lined by Delton

Highlight On Pattern

Top: Hanover Hall two-buton, natural shoulder check
Above: Black and White Glen Plaid by Chester Barrie

New-Mode Sport Jackets

Top: Angled and double-piped brown suede framed pockets, suede elbow patches on tobacco brown wool flannel by Leon of Paris.
Below: Concealed slash pockets on black and white checked worsted by Andrew Pallack

David M. Ogilvy
Chairman of the Board
Ogilvy, Benson and Mather

Photography: Chadwick Hall

The Gillie Shoe - whose history goes back at least to nineteenth-century Scotland, and popularized in the twenties by The Duke of Windsor, now reappears. 
Johnston and Murphy

Top: Moccasin design with large perforations on a square tongue slip-on by Stetson.
Left: Simulated bricks cut out decoratively on a black slip-on by Fuchs Bros.
Center: Tunneled tie-straps on a black-brown-shaded slip-on by Crosbly Square.

Country Strollers

Top: Winthrop punched front slip-on
Center: Cork-finish moccasin-front slip-on with twist-effect strap by Nettleton Shoes, NY.
Below: Leather blunt-toe embellished-strap slip-on by British Walkers.

Photography: Leonard Nones

Spring Alliance:
Brown and Blue

Above: Hickey-Freeman
Top: Stanley Blacker

A Cut Above The Usual at The Flick New York City

Top: Shawl collar three-button in dark green bird's-eye worsted by Eagle.
Below: Notched peak lapels and high two-button front by Tarra Hall

On Lighter Grounds

Jackets with sprightly patterns and light-colored grounds  - Top by Louis Roth. Above: Hart Schaffner and Marx.

Top: Monte Cristo
Above: Exclusive by Fenton Hall for Mike Howard's Leading Man, Hollywoood.

The Two-Button Front Advances

Top: Phoenix black and grey Glenn Plaid worsted two-button suit.
Above: Cardinal blue on blue-grey striped mohair.

Black and white bird's-eye worsted by Blankson.

Beige mohair two-button suit by Sussex.

Photographs by Chadwick Hall at the Sign of The Dove, Manhattan

Gentlemen's Quarterly March 1963
Chadwick Hall
Leonard Nones

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