Visiting Lecturer - Richard Malone

Exciting  and  innovative  designer  Richard  Malone  recently  spent  the  day  in  the  Fashion  Department  at  LSAD. He  delivered  an  informative  presentation  outlining  his  time  at  Central  Saint  Martins  where  he  won  numerous  awards  such  as  the  LVMH  Grand  Prix  Scolarship, and  the  Deutsche  Bank  award  which  he  recieved  for  his graduate  collection. He  believes  strongly  in  using  sustainable  materials  and  methods  in  his  work.
He  also  spent  a  year  working  for  Louis  Vuitton  in  Paris. His  work  was  also  featured  in  the  London  Fashion Week  exhibition ' In  the  Fold'.

Interview  with  Dazed  Digital

Richard  Malone's  studio is a constant mess. That�s just how it is � chaos, clutter, disarray. It�s here, an old shed in the middle of nowhere in the Irish countryside, he comes back to. Here he can concentrate fully. His heaven. �My brilliant shit hole,� he laughs.

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