LSAD Graduate Fashion Show 2015 - Press Coverage

In  the  run  up  the  the  LSAD Graduate  Fashion  Show, the  Limerick  Post, Limerick  Chronicle  and  Limerick  Leader  have  published  articles  featuring  the  students  involved. Student  awards  this  year  are  as  follows; 

The AIB/IFIL  Work placement bursary worth �5000 .This includes a 3 month full time work placement with NEWGEN London based designer and LSAD graduate Danielle Romeril .
The LIT Award �2,500  for the collection which shows unique cut and technical creativity  within a collection.
The ECCO Award �2,000 for the most innovative use of fabric in a collection.

Limerick  Post
 Limerick  Chronicle
Limerick  Leader

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