London Trip 2016

The  Fashion  Department  have  just  returned  from  their  annual  research  and  buying  trip  to  London. 4th  years  were  sourcing  and  purchasing  fabric  and  trim  for  their  final  collections. Some   took  the opportunity  to  revisit  the studios  where  they  did  their  work  placement  where  some  even  managed to bag  themselves  some  fantastic  fabrics! Third  years  are  buying  for  their  two  piece  statements  and also  attending interviews  for  prospective  placements  which  begin  after  Easter. Second  years  were researching suppliers  and  getting  to  know  all  the  great  stores  and  seeing  innovative  design  first hand, while  sourcing  denim  for  upcoming  technical  and  design  projects. A  dedicated  visit  to  the Saatchi gallery  will  provide  inspiration  for  their  end  of  year  project.

Staff  met  with  students  on  a one  to  one  basis  to  assist  in  fabric  selection. We  also  made   time  to visit  fabric  suppliers  and   view  the  new  collections  in  Selfridges, Liberties, Harvey  Nichols, Bond Street, and  particularly  Dover Street  Market,  which  is  always  a  joy. The  final  day  included  a  visit  to the  Royal  College  of  Art  where  two  of  our  graduates, Michael  Stewart  and  Colin  Horgan  are  in year  1  of  the  MA  in  Womenswear. We  had  the  opportunity  to  spend  time  with  them  both  and they  brought  us  through  their  current  work  and  aspirations  for  the  future. They  have  both  been selected  to  go  to  Italy  this  week  to  work  with  a  tailoring   company  to  manufacture  their  designs. We  also met with  the  new  Head  of  Fashion  at  the  RCA, Zowie  Broach.

Royal  College  of  Art
 LSAD  Course  Leader  Fashion - Anne  Melinn

 LSAD Design  Lecturer Michelle Molloy  and   Michael  Stewart

Colin  Horgan






Saatchi  Gallery

Champagne  Life


National  Portrait  Gallery

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