I am out in the archipelago celebrating Midsummer for a few days, but meanwhile here are some snapshots from my workations in May -

We were a mere week in London for the London Burlesque Festival!

I rented a fab air b'n'b in a old bank-building-turned-aparements in Holloway.

We hooked up with our old pal from Norway Miss Knockout Noire and hit the town as The Scandinavian Leather Jackets. That included a lot of laughter.

And then I paid a bunch of money to see Daniel Craig (drool) and Johnny Depp (drool) in wax.
The most interesting were the really old dolls though.

But we did indeed work there too - here in the middle of getting into drag for our boyband act.

And later the usual glittery burlesque setting as well!

A week later, very early in the morning, it was time to gather the boyband again and fly over to Vienna and the Vienna Boylesque Festival!

A too-early wake up can be balanced up with a prosecco breakfast upon arrival, meeting up the rest of the Finns who had been there for the first nights of the festival already.

Streelights of love in Vienna!

The world's best boyband, next to the world's without-a-doubt-best-female-boylesque performer Lou Henry Hoover, before the show.

Backstage post-show photo by Neil Kendall (@neilnezkendall). So many men and so much glitter!

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