OK. So I really, truly, absolutely, have a very hard time comprehending that we're in mid June already. Like total w to the t to the f, what happened? I guess my mind is still somwhere in early April. May sort of just disappeared. But I did do a lot of things in May, which might also be the reason it just flickered by - did a lot of traveling and also managed to come down with a stomach flue, which has been going around a lot here lately, and had me totally beat for some days. And then I've been stuck with my old laptop slowly dying and not migrating properly to my new one, and a bunch of other computer related things regarding my new one, which makes me think Apple for some reason hate me and are punishing me for anythin bad I may have done previously in my life. Karma-apple.  That whole technical mess has taken me some weeks too, and now I am finally writing on the new one, which hopefully will also contain the relevant stuff that my old one did. First world problems I know but high up on the list among those. Can we add hashtag #weeping here or so?

Well, anyway, so I did a bit of work-related traveling in May.

Pardon the crappy phone photos but I always, and I mean ALWAYS and truly always, get that seat. It's almost amusing.
(...And we're back in the first-world-whiners club again...)

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