The good thing about going trough and organising your closet in deep-mode (OK; I can actually think of many, but let's start with this one) is that you may re-discover objects and pieces you had totally forgotten about. I am going trough stuff in the city apartment and found this old coat of mine, which is rather cute with an artsy vibe and just right for the weather we are having right now.

Last time I wore it was when I was pregnant, actually. And I found some beauty store vouchers expiring in 2010 in the pockets! (Damn, 2010, that was so long ago already!)

The coats is from ModCloth from years back, velvet leggings some randoms and shoes old (do anone even care about these things anymore?) I do get a lot of questions about my turban, which nowadays is as high up on my can't-live-without-it list as my black beret, especially for those days when I have curls waiting underneath like now: mine is made of in terrycloth and from Kuokkasen Peruukkiliike; you can find these from a lot of wig shops. It is also rather easy to make your own!

Well, time for me to coat along now, ta-ta!

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