I was working from home today and took a long lunch break to go out on a little adventurous walk with Dag.

He had all his gear with him, and warned me not to step on the fallen leaves, as those would trap you and suck you right down to the hot lava core of earth.
(Good to know!)

It got a bit colder here in between and nature shifted colours so quickly - but now wonder; it's almost October by now!

Autumn textures.

Autumn leaves.

Autumn trees.

 We sat down on a rock for a little picnic.
The cats joined in; they often follow us around when out on walks!

 Everything tastes better when outdoors.

The sandwhich was so big for Dag he had to close his eyes in order to eat it.

And then we continued our little afternoon adventure in search of magic trees, watching out for dangerous rock-bombs dropping from the sky, evil cows and all the other things the vivid imagination of a four year old can come up with.

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