Twenty two years and one month ago, pretty exactly, I started seventh grade wearing this same vest.
And a black body (that was actually not a body but my mom's black gymnastics leotard) and a pair of batik-patterned loose trousers. I remember being very proud of that outfit.
(I stepped in to a trendier shop the other day and suddenly felt very old saw my early teenage years hang on the racks with pants just like that. And those ribbed tops with bold stripes and strings that crosses/ties in the front. Aaaaaaa!)

But yes, the vest I am still wearing ! It is actually my mother's old from the 1970's.
Although if I've eaten I am having a hard time closing it.

Or then I just really need to suck in my pilates powerhouse. Good practice.
The suspender skirt is self made and the bag vintage.

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