Everything is so clean and tidy at home now! I've been organising and cleaning (late at night, after work) for several days! 

It hasn't been this little stuff around for years.

But that is of course, because everything is now in bags and boxes in the farm house livingroom. And the place seriously looks like crap.
So after days of cleaning in the countryside I am actually dreaming about getting to organise and clean some more! But that would require the opportunity to some days off, so alas, lets see when the universe grants me a few. That, plus some renovation, and things will eventually be tip-top! (Uh.)

The reason to all of this is of course that you can now buy our lovely city home.
All though I've renovated it myself it has been on rent all along from my grandmother, who has now decided to sell it. It's sad but was of course inevitable at some point. Although I hadn't thought I'd move out to the countryside permanently before my kids were grown up so that will take some time to adapt, even though I've been living out in the peryphery most of the time by now already...

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