The darker and more desaturated it gets outside the nicer it is to wrap yourself in colours. Well that, and -a bit contradictory I guess - all black as well (which is still a very common day-to-day choice for me). But today it was deep red f�r hela slanten as one would say in Swedish. (Well probably not the young folks to be honest, but that's how I'd say it.)

This is a damask pattern chiffon dress that I received from Sugar & Cream vintage store.
My bag is vintage (that I haven't apparently used, or emptied properly in some time as I found a concert ticket to Gotan Project from 2010 in it!) and my red lace-up high heel boots are from somewhere on the internet from a few years ago. With the boots the dress gets kind of a folk-y vibe to it.

You know I love shirt waist dresses and this one also as an elastic waist (comfy-points!) plus a hidden zipper in the pleats in the front which means you can step into it and don't have to pull it over your head! That gets points too!

Sugar & Cream is a Bangkok vintage store ran by two sisters; you can visit their actual shop in Bangkok but also shop online via their webstore. You can also find them on Facebook here
I will be writing a couple of posts for their Sugar & Cream blog in the near future!

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