Momosa Adventures SS17

                                                                                                     location: Santorini
                                                                                                     Mihano Momosa SS17
                                                                                                     art direction: Adem Grljevic
                                                                                                     ph. Adem Grljevic

Good morning everyone! Let's start this Tuesday with one more post from Santorini!
It's all about #MomosaAdventures, a cool project from Mihano Momosa brand. The idea was to find a perfect match between blogger/location and their latest collection, so that's how I ended up shooting SS17 with young and talented art director Adem Grljevic at this amazing island. Lucky me I guess!

Huge thanks to Momosa team for treating me like a princess for a whole week (I believe spoiling is the right word), I really enjoyed the overall experience!

p.s. for more about this project and brand be sure to check their website, click, click, click!

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