Fashion interview with UNT's Mayborn School of Journalism

UNT's Mayborn school of journalism recently reached out to our fashion department, to highlight new research taking place in the world of wearable technology.

Adjunct Professor Barbara Trippeer, who teaches the Digital Design Studio in UNT's Fashion department, has been working on exploring apparel as a new platform for biomedical sensor technology to assist children living with chronic illness.

In the interview, Barbara discusses how background as an apparel designer led to an interest in emerging technology, specifically "smart" (sensor responsive or aware) textiles and garments.

Barbara's unique approach is in applying inclusive participatory design design, whereby the end user (in this case, the intended patients) contribute to the development of products aimed at their well being, so that these initiatives can be more useful and meaningful. For example, in order to enable better data (as the traditional interview system with this user group can be somewhat complicated), Barbara developed an alternative Interview Toolkit, based on methods often used in art therapy and play therapy.

Barbara has been exploring this research both here in the classroom as a component of the FD Digital Design Studio, and with Cook Children's Hospital. For the interview, visit

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