When everything is not really that white, but a lot of different hues.

And cold. Oh so cold.

The usual countryside photo view in it's winter mode.

And my cherry trees in theirs.
(There's also a cake behind the summery cherry tree link and here's the recipe to that btw: Dream Cream Candy Cake with Cherries.)

When it's very cold everything is sort of slower, in a very strange mode.
I think Tove Jansson captured the cold loneliness of winter so well in the Moomin book Trollvinter. I often think about that story and it's images on cold snowy days. How Moomin woke up and everythin was just white cold and oh so silent.

A snowy mist rose on the fields as the temperature sank and sank.

But, rumour has it that during this night the temperature will go up by some 20c and we'll be at zero again...

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