Happy new year to all of you!
2017 is SO the future already and  since I started blogging in 2007 it means that come autumn we've been haning out here on ze interwebs for a decade already. Oh my.

On New Year's Eve we went to a glitter & glam themed party.
"Must be very hard for you to find something to wear", said Eddi.

(A little show trick that works great for parties off stage too: apply some lip gloss over your lipstick and press fine loose glitter on top. Sparkly lips like whoah!)

I went for the glittery thing that was the most comfy. 
I made Eddi a glitter bow tie for the occasion. He added some sparkle to his to-be-or-not-to-be beard himself.

I also made Dag (I am guessing no child free New Year's eves for the next 10 years or so as no-one will babysit on nye, ever) his own sparkly bow tie so father and son could look adorable together but even though red is his favourite colour he refused to wear it. Kids.

 On this year's side I've, apart from being fluish, I've paited my head. Sort of. Put colour in my hair.

And started painting the windows. Finally, finally, finally!

I've hated the brown frames and wanted to paint them white forever, but one should actually take the windows out and do it properly; all layers (we have triple layers in Finland because of, well - Finland) which makes it possible only during the warmer months. And also hell of a job (I can be a lazy shit sometimes.) I saw mthat y sister had painted her window frames just on the inside and it looked totally fine, so decided to do the same. At least as a first step now, and perhaps one glorious day do it the proper way as well. I am painting with linseed oil which takes forever to dry, so this is a slow and somewhat of a on-the-side project.

But there are other faster projects going on here at home, i.e. I have been painting a lot more as well! But lets get back to that later.

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