Korean Daily Fashion

Korean Daily Fashion
Lookbook for upcoming Summer??

Yellow t-shirt with dark denim jeans and black Converse sneakers

Straw hat, Yellow striped t-shirt with beige suspenders skirts and slippers

Green t-shirt with light denim jeans and brown sandals

Brown knit t-shirt with checkered mini skirt and beige platform sandals

Black crop top with denim skinny jeans and black Vans sneakers

Orange long sleeve shirt with short denim pants and white Converse sneakers

Straw hat, white singlet, brown/white checkered shirt with white pants and black flip-flops

White printed t-shirt with denim jeans and white Nike sneakers

Off shoulder blouse with long beige skirt and beige sandals

Blue striped shirt with navy short skirt and white sneakers

Brown checkered shirt with light denim jeans and white sandals

Bucket hat, long checkered dress and black gladiator sandals


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