4 Things You Must Complete Before Deciding To Marry

Hollisteristic.comAs you grow older, the demands to get married soon will be heard more often in your ears. Especially if you are already more than 25 years old and have a career and financial security.

Surely the environment will be more vigorous to remind you to get married sooner than yourself who is busy with your other affairs.

4 Things You Must Complete Before Deciding To Marry
4 Things You Must Complete Before Deciding To Marry
But marriage matters are not an easy thing for you to decide, surely you have a lot of consideration to ensure your intention to marry your partner now. At least if your partner has 6 of these abilities, he is a dream wife who is sure to make you happy.

But getting married is not only a matter of getting a dream wife who has these six abilities, but also about the ability to work together to live a mutually supportive and understanding household life.

Besides that, of course you want to live a happy married life without regret later. Regret because there are things you haven't done while you're single.

Because like it or not, your household life will surely give you some limits.

You will not feel the same freedom when you are single. You will have more responsibilities. And there are times when you will miss your single status because of the difference you feel when you are single and after you become a husband.

That's why it's good for you to complete these 4 things while you're single so you won't regret later after marriage:

1. Happy and proud of parents

This is the first thing you have to solve before marriage. Have you been happy and proud of your parents.
To be proud doesn't have to be with the achievements and awards you get, at least when you can lighten and help your parents' lives, parents will be proud of you.

It's not that later when you are married you can't make your parents happy and proud, but later when you are married, your focus will definitely be divided. That's why make sure you make parents smile happily with all the achievements and jobs that you have now.

2. Have many female friends and often interact with them

You better be satisfied with the interaction with many women first. Meet a lot of women while you are single because later on when you are married you will not be able to enjoy the freedom to interact with many women, especially if your wife is jealous.

Remember, you better have a lot of female friends now than later when you have become a husband and are curious to have many female friends.

Because having lots of female friends will also help you determine the criteria for the wife who is the most appropriate for you and find out if your partner is now the right wife for you.

3. Adventure and play together with your friends as often as possible

You will surely realize that when you are married later, your time will not be as free and as much as when you are single. Because there are many household matters that you must complete. That's why when you are single you have to be able to satisfy yourself to do lots of adventures and play together with your friends.

4 Things You Must Complete Before Deciding To Marry
Before your time is limited to fulfilling your responsibilities to your family later, make sure you have satisfied yourself to play with your friends. Adventure wherever you want to go and do whatever you want.

4. Complete your love and broken heart problems

Do not let your household still be overshadowed by your relationship because you have not solved your love and broken heart.

That way you can convince yourself whether you really have fallen in love with your partner now, is she the perfect woman for you and by ever feeling hurt, you will no longer make excessive expectations when you are married later so that you are not easy to feel disappointed .

You must have felt a fall in love and heartbreak as badly as possible so that later when you are married you are also not easy to feel hurt when the partner is not what you expected.

Those are the 4 things that you must complete before you decide to get married so you don't regret it and of course so that you feel unrestricted when married.

When you get married later you will definitely be faced with many problems that you must be able to pass together. You can't be defeated by your problems just because of your ego and emotions.

That's why when dating you have to train and get used to you to be able to solve problems in your relationship in an adult way so that later when you are married you can still do the same thing.

The cause of a destroyed household is your inability to control and control your emotions when problems occur. Your inability to work together to find the best solution for your problems.
And this happens because you don't have an agreement at the beginning of your relationship to maintain openness and trust in communication.

In addition, later when you are married, your ability as a male leader will also be tested, to what extent you can guide and direct women to be what you want to be.

Because your duty and responsibility are to be leaders in your household. You must be able to lead your wife so that your household can also run according to your plan.

4 Things You Must Complete Before Deciding To Marry
4 Things You Must Complete Before Deciding To Marry
In addition, you must have the ability to make your relationship away from feeling bored because of the time you will often spend together, how to make women continue to feel comfortable and happy with you, how to make women love you more, and how to regulate trust and loyalty in your household .

You must be able to deal with various problems in your household at least if you have these 5 intelligences: emotional intelligence, financial intelligence, social intelligence, sexual intelligence and intellectual intelligence.

  • With intellectual intelligence, you will become a man who understands the insights and knowledge you have.

You will have the ability to discuss but not patronize the couple. You can wisely listen to your partner's opinion and make a decision because of a mutual agreement.

You must be able to be a good listener when you become a husband later, because being married means trying to unite two thoughts and opinions. You cannot feel right and want to win yourself.

  • Emotional intelligence makes you a man who is always calm because he is able to balance your brain and feelings.

When problems occur in your household later, you must have the ability to calm yourself so that you can make decisions logically, not just rely on your emotions.

You must begin to find out how you can calm yourself, whether you need your own time or you do what you like to relax your mind.

  • Social intelligence makes you a man who knows how to treat women and makes women always comfortable and at ease with you.

That's why when you are single you are obliged to be friends with as many men and women as possible to practice social skills and interact with various characters.
4 Things You Must Complete Before Deciding To Marry
4 Things You Must Complete Before Deciding To Marry
That way you also have the ability to treat people according to their character.

  • Financial intelligence makes you a man who can manage finances wisely.

You will know which needs you have to prioritize and which desires you must hold. Know when you have to be loyal to your partner and not wasteful of buying items that you don't need.

In addition, your ability to direct your partner so that it is not too wasteful and planning monthly income and expenses.

  • Sexual intelligence makes you a man who can understand the sexual needs of your relationship. Sex fantasies like what women want in relationships.

You not only satisfy your sex fantasies but also partner sex fantasies by finding out what women really want when having sex, what kind of sexual relations make women feel satisfied.

That's the 5 intelligences that you can train in yourself with us in the Enchanting Training of Women's Hearts.

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