7 These Skin Conditions We Often Think Acne. Even though it's not, it's just the same

Hollisteristic.comWe usually think that red spots on the face are zits. Even though it might not, you know. Because not all those with red spots are zits. There are still many other skin conditions that look from the outside like acne, but if you pay attention again it turns out it's not.

These Skin Conditions We Often Think Acne. Even though it's not, it's just the same
These Skin Conditions We Often Think Acne. Even though it's not, it's just the same
The skin conditions are various, as well as red spots on the face that make us upset. Because of disturbing appearance, we will be busy urinating red spots with a variety of beauty products specifically for acne. Instead of a misstep, better look at these seven skin conditions that we often consider acne, even though mah isn't.

1. Rosacea is a red lump that resembles a pimple and generally appears on the cheek

Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory disorder that we often call acne. Rosacea is divided into several types, but only two are the most common. First, redness and abundance of vessels seen on the cheeks. Second, a lump like a pimple in the middle of the face. The difference, this rosacea arises due to consumption of foods containing histamine, spicy, caffeine, and alcohol. How to care can be through diet and lifestyle that is changed, and use facial care products that do not cause irritation.

2. If a small red pimple appears, accompanied by pus, and it feels itchy / sore not necessarily pimples, it could be actually folliculitis

Folliculitis often occurs when the air is hotter. Folliculitis is a skin problem in the form of inflammation that occurs in the hair follicles and is characterized by the appearance of small reddish pimples. Sometimes, this folliculitis comes with pus (resembling whiteheads) and the part can feel itchy or sore. In fact, in more severe cases this folliculitis can become a crusty wound.

In addition to the face, folliculitis can actually appear anywhere, especially areas that often occur such as thighs, buttocks, neck and armpits. According to dermatologist Francesca Fusco, MD, folliculitis can be caused by bacteria such as in male beard areas due to frequent friction when shaving.

3. There is also keratosis pilaris which is a chronic skin condition and is characterized by a rough lump (red, white, or colored according to the skin)

Many types of acne-like skin conditions, one of which is a rough lump that often exists on the upper arm and legs and is called keratosis pilaris. This small, rough lump is caused by abnormal amounts of keratin that block the hair follicles. Winning Keratosis Pilaris is not dangerous, but can make it feel itchy and dry. To reduce the symptoms, we can use moisturizers that contain salicylic acid and lactic acid. This is because it can function to remove dead skin cells and prevent clogged follicles.

4. Facial rashes around the mouth are usually called perioral dermatitis. Can appear because of toothpaste

Sometimes, a facial rash around the mouth makes us feel insecure for photos. At first we thought of acne, even though it was a perioral dermatitis. The reason is the use of topical streroids, but not infrequently also because of fluoridation in toothpaste. The recommended treatment is to stop all topical steroid topical products, heavy facial creams and fluorinated toothpaste. Instead, we can use a mild cleanser that doesn't irritate.

5. If there is a flesh-colored lump that grows on the forehead, nose, and chin area, it means sebaceous hyperplasia

Don't call pimples first if there are flesh-colored lumps around the forehead, nose, and chin. Because it could be a sebaceous hyperplasia that is characterized by a flesh-colored lump. Sebaceous hyperplasia is actually not a problem, it's just a bit disturbing appearance.

6. Have you ever seen any spots / bumps on which hair (feathers) are on? Calm down, it's actually an ingrown hair, really

The spot on the skin on which there is fur is actually an ingrown hair. The condition of the hair turns and grows back into the skin, causing spots / bumps. This ingrown hair can look like a pimple with a white bump or red bump. This lump when growing on a boy's skin is often on the chin, cheeks, and upper neck (beard base area). This ingrown hair will usually go away by itself, but if you don't and infection occurs you can see a dermatologist.

7. Other skin conditions that resemble pimples and you need to anticipate the basal cell carcinoma. This is a type of skin cancer caused by sunlight and tanning lights

You need to anticipate this one condition because it is a type of skin cancer that occurs due to excessive UV exposure such as from sunlight and tanning lights. Yes, basal cell carcinoma is a type of skin cancer that grows slowly and originates from the base layer of the epidermis. This basal cell carcinoma looks like a shiny, clear or pink lump with small blood vessels - and can often be mistaken for persistent acne cysts. Unlike acne, basal cell carcinoma has a bleeding cycle which then heals, then can bleed again. If it happens like this after a month or two, you should see a dermatologist, huh.

So, a lump or red spot on the face is not necessarily all that means acne. It's a good idea to find out the characteristics of skin conditions that occur. If you are still in doubt, you should check with a dermatologist.

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