Boyfriend Pain Your Feelings, Do These 7 Things

Hollisteristic.comSometimes girlfriends hurt your feelings unintentionally or not. This can certainly happen at a certain time. You react by throwing anger or at him.

In addition, this situation can affect your relationship with your boyfriend in the future. To quote the All Woman's Talk page, there are a number of things you can do when your boyfriend hurts your feelings.
Boyfriend Pain Your Feelings, Do These 7 Things
Boyfriend Pain Your Feelings, Do These 7 Things
1. Tell him you feel hurt

If the lover hurts your feelings, express them. If you don't say it, he might not realize it. You just need to be honest and tell him that he hurts your feelings and how he did it. This is one of the first things to do when a lover hurts your feelings.

2. Explain why you feel hurt

Guys have a perspective that is completely different from us. You will not always see or understand things in the same way. Sometimes a lover might hurt your feelings, but he doesn't realize what he says or does can hurt you. In this situation, you need to explain why it is hurt and how it makes you feel that way. This can help clear up his confusion.

3. Give him the opportunity to apologize

Before taking other steps to deal with this situation, give your girlfriend a chance to apologize. If he feels guilty and apologizes, then you might not need to do anything more. You can forgive him and enjoy the rest of your day together. Sometimes other steps are needed to improve the situation. And this is only you who can decide.

4. Give him time to think

There are times when your girlfriend might hurt your feelings, but is not willing to understand or apologize. If this happens then you might want to give him time to think. Take distance and give him time to get out of the situation in his mind. This could mean you didn't answer the message immediately or not together or meet him for a day or two. If he really cares about you, he will think about the things above and see from your point of view.

5. Free him from prejudice

If you date a man who is kind and caring, then he might not mean to hurt your feelings. That is most likely completely unintentional. In this situation, you still want to share your hurt feelings, but also want to free them from prejudice. Remember, he's a good person who just says or does something without thinking. In this situation, problems can be easily resolved.

6. Listen to the explanation

It's good to remember that there are two sides to everything. Maybe you really misunderstood. Give him a chance to explain what he means. He can just direct comments to other people or different situations. In this scenario, things can easily work.

7. Evaluation of relationships

If you connect with someone who intentionally hurts feelings, then maybe it's time to evaluate the relationship. No one has the right to say or do painful things to others. The best thing is to be honest with yourself about the state of your relationship. Don't be complacent with someone who doesn't respect you.

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