Do This for Oily Skin Care

Hollisteristic.comHaving oily skin is certainly a very disturbing problem for you. In addition to the skin looking shiny if exposed to light, oily skin also often looks dull and not fresh. Especially if you wear face makeup, oily skin can make the makeup become easy to wear and not last. Oily skin is very susceptible to pimples and blackheads because of the excess sebum secretion that traps dirt so as to make clogged pores. Clogged pores are a trigger for oily skin problems especially on the face. The face is relatively more problematic than other areas because of the more active sebaceous glands. While oily skin on the scalp is susceptible to dandruff.

 Do This for Oily Skin Care
 Do This for Oily Skin Care
The characteristics of oily skin types, among others, are often peeled horns; have high skin elasticity or flexibility; the surface of the skin looks rough and more oily on the chin, forehead and nose; on many facial skin there are blackheads and large pores; after cleaning, facial skin looks shiny.

The following is how to treat oily skin on the face, including:
  • Washing your face only a few times a day, because excess washing can only drain the natural oil of the skin.
  • When buying a face care product, you should consider the label and make sure the product is oil free.
  • Use powdered or powdered products after using foundation to make a foundation or make up base.
  • Remove make up at night.

While the following are natural ways to overcome oily facial skin, among others:


To overcome oily skin with lime, the way is to rub the skin with lime evenly. Wait for 15 minutes, then rinse with water.


To deal with oily skin with bananas, how to crush bananas, then mix with milk and honey, then use as a mask for about 30 minutes. Then clean with warm water then rinse with cold water.

Celery leaves

The trick is to cut into small pieces of celery and put in boiling water. Then after being warm enough, wash your face with celery leaves. Leave it to dry on the face, then rinse with water.


Cucumbers are very good for oily skin care. How to puree the cucumber in a blender then use it as a facial mask for approximately 30 minutes, then rinse with water.

Salt water

The trick is to wash your face with warm water mixed with salt. Do it regularly every day to get maximum results.

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