Kisses Can Add Intimacy with Couples, These Tips

Hollisteristic.comPhysical touch can increase harmony in a relationship, one of which is a kiss. By kissing the couple will feel a closer relationship with each other.

Kisses Can Add Intimacy with Couples, These Tips
Kisses Can Add Intimacy with Couples, These Tips
But it turns out that if a wrong kiss can threaten the relationship. Therefore, so that closeness feels more intimate there are a number of tips that can be done, as quoted from the Yourtango page. In fact, these tips are called to make couples addicted and add to their affection.

#Biting lips

To do this, you can use a little between the teeth and slowly pull back. Then slowly pull it back out using the teeth too. The thing to remember is the purpose of biting your lips is to make a pleasant sensation, not to hurt your partner. So, make sure that you don't overdo it and accidentally hurt your partner.


Not many know if the ear is one of the sensitive parts of a person's body. You can use this to be closer to your partner. Start by kissing, sucking, and licking the ears gently. If he enjoys it, try to bite it.

#Kiss everywhere

Smelling for some parts of a man's body may cause boredom. This is why you have to start exploring the rest of his body with his mouth and tongue. Try focusing on his back for at least five minutes. When doing this, try to listen to his breath to see what areas he likes most after being kissed.

#Use hands

Usually, when kissing a woman just put his hand around the waist of the man, while the other hand is to circle around the neck or shoulder of the couple. To make you more passionate, you can put your hands on your head and neck and use your fingers to caress your hair. You can also use your hand to pull it closer.

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