List 5 Resolution 2018 on Beauty

Hollisteristic.comEntering 2018, making a resolution is a good step to give direction in carrying out daily activities. Even though this is often made at the beginning of the new year, it is often forgotten about half a year.

Therefore, make a resolution that is not easy to forget. Especially in terms of beauty, it is important to make sure we have a plan to continue to maintain the health and beauty of the body, from hair to toe.

Start resolution with something that is easy and realistic. With regard to beauty, try to keep in mind habits throughout the year and before that which was not good. Note and don't repeat it again. Promise yourself to make the 2018 beauty resolution a reality.

List 5 Resolution 2018 on Beauty
List 5 Resolution 2018 on Beauty
Here are 5 resolutions 2018 about beauty that you should realize as quoted from Teen Vogue:

1. Use sunscreen every day

Often, unless we plan to go to the beach, we feel we don't need to use sunscreen. In fact, on a hot or rainy day, the skin still needs a layer of protection from sunscreen to maintain its health. Remember to use a sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 30 or higher on the face, neck and back of the hand to avoid damage to the skin from the sun.

2. Use moisturizer

Sunscreen is not a moisturizer, and vice versa. Moisturizers function to hydrate the skin, prevent dry skin, itching, and other problems. Use moisturizer regularly every time after bathing and after cleaning your face.

3. Don't lend eye makeup

From mascara to eye shadow, don't ever lend eye makeup or borrow eye makeup to anyone. This can cause the eyelids to get bacterial, viral, or pink eye infections. It's best to buy it yourself and continue to carry your own eye makeup instead of using someone else's. And, there's no harm in reminding those who often borrow eye makeup from others.

4. Don't squeeze pimples

It must be an absurdly crunchy when you see a ripe zit. Once pressed, fill the zit out until it bleeds, satisfied. Now, starting in 2018, you can resist the urge to squeeze pimples. It is better to see a doctor and treat with benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, or retinol. Or just leave it and stay confident.

5. Forget the clamp and hair dryer

Frequently using hair and hair dryers can damage hair smoothness. Be patient or gently dry your hair. If you keep using the hairdryer and dryer, use as much hair softener as possible.

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