New Facts Mention, It turns out that Washing Your Face with Soap Is Not Enough. This is the explanation! - Do you know? It turns out that double cleansing is important, you know!

Actually, this technique is not new. This technique has long been used by Koreans to cleanse their faces after doing activities and wearing makeup. No wonder the skin of Korean people is glowing. They put a high investment in their skin, so that their skin stays young when they grow old. So cleaning the face is mandatory. (Yudvi, 2016) Therefore, we look at what Double Cleansing is.

New Facts Mention, It turns out that Washing Your Face with Soap Is Not Enough. This is the explanation!
New Facts Mention, It turns out that Washing Your Face with Soap Is Not Enough. This is the explanation!
What is double cleansing? Well, double cleansing is a skincare technique that is used when cleaning the face so that the facial skin becomes perfectly clean (Narwastu, 2017). Apparently, cleaning your face with just face soap isn't enough! The reason, if only using facial wash face will not be complete in cleaning the face.

Because most facial wash is only used to clean up dirt residues not to clean all dirt. Facial skin needs to be cleaned thoroughly so as not to cause skin diseases such as pimples, blackheads, black spots and others.

For those of you who are still unfamiliar with skincare, you must be wondering "what to do to do double cleansing?" The trick is easy guys, the first step is to cleanse your face with a special facial cleanser. There are several types of types, can use cleansing milk, cleansing oil, cleansing balm, cleansing water, each type can be adjusted to the type of skin. There are many types of cleansing products, and each product has advantages and disadvantages that can be adjusted according to skin type.

  • Cleansing Milk

Cleansing milk, usually can be used by all skin types. The soft formula can gently cleanse the face without injuring the skin. Cleansing milk or commonly called milk cleanser is the first cleanser that is popular in Indonesia. This cleaner has long been well-known, and the famous product to date is from Viva. In addition to good quality, the price is affordable. Suitable for student pockets!

How to use it take the product to taste, then begin to gently massage the entire surface of the face and avoid around the eyes so as not to cause irritation. Then, take the cotton and remove all the dirt. The amount of cotton can be determined depending on the amount of dirt or makeup on the face. Make sure the face is clean to go to the next step, namely facial wash.

  • Cleansing oil

This oil-based base cleanser, suitable for dry skin. The formula can melt all make up including the waterproof one to make it easy to clean. Not only that, oil also has a million benefits, in addition to cleansing the face into the pores of natural-based cleansing oil will provide natural nutrition and moisture to the skin.

Examples include coconut oil or olive oil. The use, you can pour the product into the palm of the hand then start massage around the face until the eyes because of the oil-based products, the product will easily melt so that the cleansing oil can be used as 2 in 1 with eyes and lips. After that, then you can use cotton or a warm towel to clean the remaining dirt and make up.

  • Cleansing water

Now water-based cleaners are becoming popular, various beauty products release their flagship products in the Micellar cleansing water product. Using water-based cleansers, the face will not feel sticky after use. There are various types, ranging from sensitive to acne prone. Popular products are Garnier and Nivea, both of which have affordable prices.

How to use cleansing water is the easiest way. This product is commonly used for people who are in a hurry. Because the user only uses cotton that must be moistened by the product then wipe it all over the face. But the use must be done many times so that the results obtained are maximum. If only once, the face will not be clean, cleaning must be done many times until the cotton looks clean and does not leave stains.

  • Cleansing Balm

This cleaner is not as popular as other cleaners. But this cleanser is very effective for cleansing the face. Textures like balm will melt into oil when massage on the face. The texture of the balm will melt following body temperature. The famous product is from The body shop, the price is also quite affordable. This product is usually done when using heavy makeup.

Because the formula can lift all the dirt and makeup that is attached to the skin. The way to use it is quite easy, you have to use your finger or spatula to take the product to the palm of the hand, then rub the palms together to warm the product so that the texture becomes liquid. Then begin to gently massage the entire surface of the face to the eyes. After feeling enough, use a wet towel or cotton swab to remove all the remaining makeup and dirt.

Selection of cleansing types is also important, you know! So that its use can be maximized in facial skin. The first step of cleansing benefits is to melt all the make up and dirt that sticks to the skin so that it becomes easier to clean, especially waterproof make up that is difficult to clean if only with a face wash.

How to use a cleanser that is, first of all after the activity, use a facial cleanser that suits your skin type. Then, the second step is to use favorite facial soap that suits your skin type. The point is to clean the residue of dirt that sticks on the skin.

This step is important to clean up the remnants of dirt that sticks to the skin while refreshing the face. Selection of facial wash is also a variety of types that can be adjusted to your skin type. Instead, choose a facial wash that doesn't use too much foam because it can make the skin feel more dry and lose moisture. We recommend using less soap products so that the skin's moisture is maintained.

Well, now we will discuss why do you need double cleansing? So guys, the face is sensitive to dirt. The face will easily experience various skin problems if it is not cleaned properly. The face will not absorb skincare products perfectly if there are still remnants of makeup and dirt. Even though we don't use facial makeup we also have to keep doing double cleansing, because the dust that sticks can also clog pores.

Impurities that stick to the pores will cause skin problems such as blackheads and zits. Not only that, if the facial skin is not completely cleaned, the face will become dull and the appearance of aging quickly due to residual impurities that inhibit the skin regeneration process. Therefore, the importance of double cleansing is so that the face becomes healthy and well-maintained.

What are you waiting for, let's do it before it's too late!

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