Ready to Make Women Fall in Heart, These are 10 Styles of Dressing Men Who Will Become Trends in 2018

Hollisteristic.comIn 2018, it has entered the third month, bro! But it doesn't hurt, discusses the dress style of men that will become a trend in 2018?

From our observations, there will be at least 10 outfits and dress styles that are the trend this year. Some are new, but some of them are old trends that we predict will still be trendy this year.

Ready to Make Women Fall in Heart, These are 10 Styles of Dressing Men Who Will Become Trends in 2018
Ready to Make Women Fall in Heart, These are 10 Styles of Dressing Men Who Will Become Trends in 2018
Can be used for everyday style inspiration bro, here we present recommendations for trendy dress styles for men in 2018. Look at it!

1. Monochrome

We feel that this style of dress will still be a trend among young men today. Seeing the sympathy carried by the monochrome trend, the men in 2018 will still choose the style of dress with white and black.

The monochrome style is still a trend, not because of its wide scope. That is, you can use monochrome themed outfits when you are going to relax with friends or girlfriends. In fact, for official events as well as very suitable.

2. Oversized top

In the past two years, many urban men like to use tops with oversized or oversized models. Both shirts or oversized shirts, are the mainstay of today's men when dressed.

Well, this year's oversized top dress style will still be an option! Besides you look trendy, this oversized top can make your appearance more swag. Especially if you are smart to integrate oversized top with other accessories, such as fedora or basebal cap.

3. Flannel shirts

Don't admit a real man, if there isn't at least one or two flannel shirts in your wardrobe. You could say, the flannel shirt is a high-heeled shoes that are mandatory for women for men.

The checkered pattern carried by the flannel shirt, is very fitting combined with a variety of outfits and fit for use in all situations. Therefore, it's not surprising that flannel shirts will still be a trend for men in 2018.

4. Denim

Men will be sexier when using denim. The expression, proven true is bro! You see, your sexiness level as a man will soar when you use any outfit made from denim.

Just like in previous years, denim shirts and denim jackets will still be a trend this year.

5. Bomber jacket

Bomber jackets will also still be a trend in 2018, this year's bomber jacket was predicted to be a favorite for men who craved macho looks but still present.

6. Kimono style

Our predictive Japanese style fever will still be loved by men today. For that, cardigans with kimono models will still be a trend in 2018.

Cardigan's kimono model also answers the boredom of today's men with conventional cardigan models. Instead of making grandfather-style appearances, cardigans with kimono models will make the appearance look different and attract attention.

7. Jogger pants

So it's been a trend since a few years ago, we feel that jogger pants this year will still be loved by men. The model is relaxed but still stylish, so the choice for men who are bored with jeans.

8. Striped t-shirt

Striped t-shirts will be very trendy this year. How come? The problem is, the movement of interest of the boys this year has begun to change. From the beginning, fond of plain shirts, became fond of shirts with patterns that were not excessive but still swag.

Therefore, striped t-shirts, aka striped t-shirts, will be the main choice for today's men. In our opinion, striped t-shirts with black and white monochrome options are still an option.

9. Rapped jeans

Jeans can be said to be a mandatory outfit for men from time to time. However, if you are already bored with that model of jeans, then try occasional rapped jeans.

This jeans with a few scratches like torn is indeed a mainstay of men who want to look macho but still stylish.

10. Short pants for casual looks

Short pants will still be an outfit choice for casual dress look this year bro. The use of short pants this year will still hit the society's clothing standards.

You will often see men combining short pants with sweatshirt shirts, oversized t-shirts or with polo shirts this year. Short pants with chinnos or cargo models.

That is the ten men's dress style that will become a trend in 2018. Hopefully inspire you bro!

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