Take note! This Beauty Product You Need to Store in a Refrigerator

Hollisteristic.comIn order to help maximize the beauty and health of the skin, women are usually diligent in taking care using various skin care products. Among the many types of skin care used, each product must have its own storage rules, one of which is stored in a low-temperature room or in a refrigerator. Besides being able to provide a fresher effect and inhibit the growth of bacteria which leads to making the cream last longer, storing skin care products in the refrigerator can also prevent irritation to the skin. This is due to the cold skin care texture that will improve blood circulation, so that irritation can be prevented as early as possible. However, you need to know that not all skin care products can be stored in the refrigerator. So, what skin care products should be stored in the refrigerator?

Take note! This Beauty Product You Need to Store in a Refrigerator
Take note! This Beauty Product You Need to Store in a Refrigerator
1. Moisturizer

One product that is better stored in the product cabinet is moisturizer. Why is that? Usually, moisturizers have several ingredients, such as vitamin A and vitamin C, which when exposed to temperatures above 25 ° C will be easily damaged. Therefore, moisturizers are recommended to be stored at low temperatures if you want the content you have to function properly, one of them is by storing it in the refrigerator. In addition to moisturizing, you can also store sunscreen in the refrigerator to keep the formulas and ingredients in them.

2. Sheet Mask

The current sheet mask is still the favorite skin care product loved by beauty enthusiasts. This one product usually has an abundant essence that is rich in nutrients. Besides being able to better moisturize, sheet mask but also known to provide a sensation that soothes the skin. In order to maintain the essence content in the sheet mask, you should keep this product in the refrigerator. Not only to maintain the quality of the essence, putting a sheet mask in the refrigerator can also provide a refreshing cooling effect on the skin when using.

3. Eye Cream

In order for the results to be maximal, it's good to start from now you keep eye cream in the refrigerator. Besides being able to provide a cool effect on the skin, the eye cream placed in the refrigerator is also known to be more effective in reducing puffy eyes.

4. Toner

Toner is a skin care product that is used to help restore skin moisture after washing your face. Storing toner into the cabinet not only can have a fresh and cool effect on the skin, but can also help shrink pores. Interestingly, applying cold toner to the skin can also make the contents contained in the toner can be more easily absorbed by the skin.

5. Vitamin C serum

Entering a serum that has a high content of vitamin C in the refrigerator is known to prevent damage to the vitamin content in the serum. Because, if exposed to high temperatures or direct sunlight, the molecular structure of vitamin C will be easily damaged, resulting in reduced function of the product.

Well, that's five skin care products that will be much better when stored in a refrigerator. However, do not forget to always maintain the cleanliness of your refrigerator, so that the products are maintained hygiene. In addition, you are also advised not to keep skin care products adjacent to food and drinks so that nothing is contaminated.

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