That said, Moles Have Meanings About Personality and the Future. Check that I'm not curious!

Hollisteristic.comIn addition to genetic factors, the formation of moles on any part of the body occurs when there is melanocyte cell growth in groups and there is no spread throughout the skin. The function of melanocyte cells themselves is to produce pigments that make our skin naturally colored.

That said, Moles Have Meanings About Personality and the Future. Check that I'm not curious!
That said, Moles Have Meanings About Personality and the Future. Check that I'm not curious!
According to Chinese astrology, the position of a mole on the face or body provides useful insight into personality, state of mind, health or even one's future. Simon Wong, a Chinese astrologist, used the analysis of moles in Chinese medicine. Moles help build mental and physical profiles to help with diagnosis and treatment.

Then, what is the meaning of what is hidden behind the moles on our face and body? Reporting from the Daily Mail, Hipwee Tips to try to explain it so that you are not curious. Listen, yes!

1. Moles on the forehead: have charisma and leadership spirit

You are a person who has an advantage in terms of career and has a high leadership spirit that is suitable for being a boss. You have an amazing charisma, no wonder many people respect and respect you.

Whereas for a mole located on the left or right forehead, indicates that you are a person who is focused, full of energy and likes to travel or travel.

2. Moles on eyebrows: identical to the symbol of wealth and happiness

According to Chinese astrology, those of you who have moles on the eyebrows or right on the eyebrows are people who are wealthy and rich. The message is to be smart in managing finances and don't trust others easily.
If the mole is at the end of the eyebrow, then you are a person who is always happy and your life will run smoothly. People who have moles on their eyebrows generally have the strength and respect of many people.

3. Moles in the eye: related to emotions and family

Moles located right on the eyelids symbolize disharmony in the family, perhaps the relationship between you and your family is poor or often different in argument. Besides that you are not a smart person to save money or wasteful.

Whereas a mole under the eye is a sign that you are an emotional person, sensitive to his feelings, easily sad and grieved.

4. Mole on the cheek: luck in financial terms but loneliness

This person is believed to have good speaking skills, good luck in financial terms, and become a successful person while young. But on the negative side, this person often feels lonely and usually has difficulty with family.

5. Mole in the ear: represents a good character and personality

In Chinese astrology, the ear is very representative of character. Moles on the ear are a sign of good personality and reputation. If there is a mole in the ear, it means long life while the mole above the ear symbolizes intelligence. If you have a mole in both ears, then you will enjoy a comfortable life.

6. Moles on the nose: a symbol of instability and susceptibility to problems

Be careful if you have a mole on the tip of your nose, a mole on your nose represents instability or your life is full of problems. Positively, this is also a personal sign that is hardworking because the owner of this mole works to stabilize their energy flow.

Moles on the side of the nose, near the nostrils or hidden, indicate someone who is smart at managing money.

7. Moles on the chin: persistence, determination and stubbornness

The advantages possessed by the owner of a mole on this chin can bring success or failure, depending on how the carrier is in the owner. It can also mean change or travel because the chin is always moving.

8. Moles on the lips: enjoy life well and happy

The mole found on the right or left corner of the upper lip means that you can enjoy food well, be generous and enjoy good things in life. If there is a mole on the lower lip, that means your children will succeed later. Hopefully, yes ...

9. Mole in the neck: meaning of disappointment

In Chinese astrological beliefs, the neck is a symbol of the relationship between head and body, or 'spirit' and 'physical'. Moles in the neck area are believed to block the flow of energy and can mean disappointment. While the mole in the middle of the neck represents a wild and unmanageable personal character that disappoints the family.

10. Moles on the arm: loving and cheap fortune

Moles under the elbow show you are a loving person. Whereas moles between the shoulders and elbows are a sign that you are a person who can get money easily or cheap fortune.

11. Moles on the chest: symbols of power

Chest symbolizes power, so moles in the chest area show high status in the community or in the profession.

12. Mole in the stomach: a sign that you are a lucky person

In Chinese astrology, the navel is a treasure point, so the closer the position of the mole is to the navel, the more fortunate its life will be.

13. Moles in the palm of the hand: skilled and smart at making money

Moles in the palm of the hand mean that the person is smart, ambitious and has natural skills.

If a mole is located on the back of your palm, it means you have the financial ability and know how to manage money well.

14. Moles on the back: it takes time to be successful

This means you are carrying a load. You will work hard in life. Success will be achieved later, only takes time to get there.

15. Moles in the legs: have their respective meanings depending on their location

Moles on the thigh represent sexuality and reflect someone who is brave and open
In the calf, it means having a fitness problem, most likely because it works too hard
Whereas moles on the knees have the potential to become rich and lucky people.
Where are you, where is it next?

16. Moles in the breast: have a carer and loving soul

Especially for girls, moles in this section indicate that you have a loving motherly soul, you will be respected by the people for that. In Chinese astrology, the success of a mother brings increased strength and reputation.

Moles on the nipples are a sign that your children will work and have a good career and their lives are filled with love, luck and prosperity.

17. Moles on the soles of the feet: the potential to become leaders

You have the ability to be a good leader. Feet represents the journey, with this people will follow in your footsteps. This can also indicate that you will receive good deeds from others.

18. Mole on the butt: likes to help others

The buttocks are part of the body related to food and wealth. Moles in this area indicate good reputation, generosity and a tendency to help others.

Well, that's the interpretation of moles according to Chinese astrology. Don't believe one hundred percent, but make it a lesson to help you become more successful in life. Yeaaay!

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