The Words of Wisdom About Beauty

Hollisteristic.comThe following is a collection of wise words about beauty. Many people are amazed by someone's beauty. Actually what is the true meaning of beauty. Is it just physical beauty? Of course the answer is no. There are many factors that determine a woman's beauty. You have to understand properly the true beauty because beauty is not only an outer beauty, but also includes deep beauty.

The Words of Wisdom About Beauty
The Words of Wisdom About Beauty
Through some collection of wise words about beauty below you will understand the meaning of true beauty. Let's just look at some reviews of the wisdom of beauty from some famous figures.

Words of Wisdom About the Meaning of Beauty

Eternal beauty

"The eternal beauty lies in the beauty of adab and the height of one's knowledge. Not on the face and clothes. "- Buya Hamka

Don't misinterpret beauty. These wise words about beauty from Buya Hamka mention that eternal beauty is beauty that comes from noble behavior. A person who behaves well and has high knowledge, is a person who has eternal beauty. Therefore, do not judge someone's beauty only from his physique like face and clothes worn.

Beauty of the soul

"The beauty of a woman is not from her face but the true beauty of a woman is reflected in her soul. Concern to give the spirit he always shows. Women's beauty grows from year to year. ”- Audrey Hepburn

From now on, don't misinterpret beauty. Don't think a woman's beauty lies in her face. This is just a temporary beauty that will not last. Over time, of course, the beauty of one's face will disappear due to aging so the skin turns into wrinkles. However, deep beauty that is reflected in his noble behavior and actions will not be lost in time. In fact, the longer his beauty will increase because of his caring attitude towards others.

Beautiful is strength

"Beauty is strength, smile is the sword." - John Ray

If you want to look beautiful, then smile a greeting sincerely to anyone and anywhere. Your hospitality and concern for people around you will make you have an extraordinary beauty.

Real beautiful woman

"The beauty of a woman, not seen from her face, physical, let alone from her clothes. But look from his eyes. A woman who is simple, firm, insightful, loyal, independent, honest, well-behaved, principled, really nice to see her eyes. So charming. It brings peace even with a very earthy appearance. "- Tere Liye

If you consider a beautiful woman who has a white face, smooth skin and a sexy body, that's wrong. However, the fact is that a woman's beauty lies in her behavior and attitude. A woman who is simple, smart, independent and so on will have beauty that radiates in her eyes. Women like this are ideal women who deserve to be wives.

Inner beauty

"I believe that beauty is supported from within. But also you can't use any beauty products, just rely on health. "- Dian Sastro Wardoyo

Even though there are various types of beauty products that can make your physical mermaid better, but that is not enough. Extraordinary beauty is supported by beauty in a person. This is called inner beauty. In addition, beautiful women are healthy women. From now on let's take care of your health to get better health.

Beauty because of the goodness of attitude and behavior

"Beauty attitude that makes beautiful women because beauty is not on one side. Not only is physical being seen, more beautiful if you have an attitude, more at heart. There is more positive contribution. ”- Dian Sastrowardoyo

Quotations of wise words about beauty from Dian Sastrowardoyo state that a woman's beauty will be perfect if supported by elegance and kindness of her attitude and behavior.

Beautiful because of sincerity

"Beautiful choice. Sincerity and happiness that you always try to present to your heart for yourself and others, will always radiate to your face. That's true beauty. "- Helvi Tiana Rosa

Sincerity possessed by a woman gives emanation of beauty that comes from within her. This attitude will give the beauty of the heart that will radiate to the face. You will have a positive aura if you have an attitude of sincerity.

Soul beauty

"Love is the beauty of the soul." - Augustine

People who have soul beauty will have great love. Therefore, continue to have the beauty of the soul by keeping the behavior of doing good to others.

Full of love

"He walked in beauty, like a cloudless night and full of stars. All goodness from dark and light shines beautifully on the figure and the light of his eyes: expressing peace with love in the brightness of a day that is truly incontrovertible. "- Lord George Byron

Beautiful woman is she who is full of love. The love he gave gave peace to the people around him. Everyone will agree that she is a beautiful woman.

Don't use beauty

"Don't entertain them with beauty, they will suffer more." - M Nazriel Irham

Physical beauty is not to be used as an entertainer. However, use beauty in your heart to always do good because this will make many people like you.

Beauty because of sweet and polite words

"Sweet and polite words, actually for a man is the same as beauty for a woman, both are enchanting." - Pouw Kioe An

This quote of wise words about beauty teaches us about the meaning of beauty actually seen from the way someone speaks. Both women and men, they will have a beauty that should be respected if they always give polite and sweet words and do not offend others.

Love because inner beauty will not fade

"You have a lot of lovers, but only I love you. Other men love themselves. When you are close to you, I love you in yourself. Other men see beauty in you that will fade faster than their own age. But I see in you a beauty that will not fade, and in your autumn, beauty is not afraid to look at itself in a mirror, and will not be reproached. Only I love who does not appear in you. "- Kahlil Gibran

If a man loves a woman because of his physical beauty, then his love will not last. Love will also fade according to the time of waning physical beauty. If you want to have an eternal relationship until death separates, look for women who have beauty in the soul because the longer the beauty will never disappear.

Be careful with beauty

"Beauty is a gift that stores danger, both for the beauty and for those who love it." - Megan Tresidder

Be careful with beauty because beauty can also cause harm to both yourself and those who love your beauty. If your physical beauty is lost, then the love between you will disappear.

Beauty is the emanation of the soul

"Beauty is the emanation that comes from within us. Beauty comes from our souls. "- Tyan Dayton

This quote of wise words about beauty is very true because the true beauty is located from the emanation of the soul. Women who have good behavior will be reflected in the beauty of their faces.

Beauty is outward and inner interconnected

"Your inner beauty can look beyond you and not vice versa." - Achmad Mustafa Bisri

Don't just pay attention to the outward beauty by doing various body and facial treatments without paying attention to inner beauty. People who have external beauty without having an inner beauty will not be perfect, and vice versa.

Love relationship with beauty

"Beauty can foster love, but beauty can not only maintain love" - ​​Megan Tresidder

Beauty can make people fall in love but cannot maintain the love that has grown. If you already have love, don't just rely on physical beauty because it's not eternal. Use soul beauty to nurture love to remain eternal.

Beauty radiates from the heart

"Beauty is not in the face, he radiates like a beacon of light from the heart." - Khalil Gibran

Beauty is not only on the white and smooth face. However, true beauty will radiate on the face if you have an extraordinary heart beauty. Have a heart of beauty by always having good prejudices and being kind to everyone.

There must be a balance

"Beauty is only outer skin. But what's very important is the balance between mind, body and soul. "- Jennifer Lopez

Beauty is actually very thin. In fact, if compared to the thickness of the outer skin. Of course we all know that human outer skin is very thin. Thus, beauty will be very easily lost. In order for inner beauty to be timeless, you need to balance mind, body and soul.

Beauty is only superficial

"Beauty is just as deep as the skin, but badness penetrates to the bones." - Doroty Parker

Physical beauty is indeed very shallow. However, the ugliness we do will enter the bone so that it radiates on the face. In living this life, let us keep our behavior and actions in order to avoid bad deeds.

Beauty always promises

"Beauty always promises. But never give anything. "- Simone Weil

Don't be amazed by a woman's physical beauty. What will you get from physical beauty alone? Satisfaction? You might get bored. In fact, when beauty falls away because you eat age, you will never get anything.

Look at women's beauty from his eyes

"The beauty of a woman must be seen from her eyes, because it is the way to her heart, the place where love dwells." - Audrey Hepburn

If you want to see a woman's beauty, look at her eyes because real beauty will radiate in her eyes. Women who have good behavior will emit in their eyes. This is the perfect beauty because of the combination of physical beauty and heart.

Women's beauty can be seen from his personality

"A woman's beauty is not seen from the clothes she wears, but from her personality or from the way she takes care of herself. "- Audrey Hepburn

Beauty is not only in the eyes like the clothes worn by a woman. However, her beauty will be seen from how her personality is.

World greatest power

"The greatest strength the world has is the younger generation and the beauty of a woman." - Chanakya

Beauty is very important. In fact, the world has great power if it has generations and beautiful women. For that, maintain beauty as well as possible by being balanced with a good personality.

A source of true beauty

"Unity and simplicity are two sources of true beauty." - Johann Joachim Winckelmann

Indeed, true beauty has two sources, namely unity and simplicity. Women who are simple, friendly, good manners, then he has true beauty.

See beauty

"Youth is happy because it has the capacity to see beauty. Anyone who maintains the ability to see that beauty will remain youthful. "- Franz Kafka

Ageless is related to beauty. Youth is the happiest time because you can see beauty. If you try to maintain the ability to see beauty that is owned by someone, then you will appear to stay young because it is always happy.

Beauty and intelligence

"People tend not to use the word beauty because it is not intelligence, but there seems to be an overlap between beauty and intelligence." - Tadao Ando

Smart women are said to be beautiful women. Therefore, there is an overlap between beauty and intelligence. You need to have intelligence and mind to get perfect beauty.

Education beats beauty

"Education is a good friend. Someone who is educated will be respected everywhere. Education overcomes beauty and young souls. "- Chanakya

Wisdom words about beauty from Chanakya emphasize that education is very important. Even education can defeat beauty. Because of the importance of education, let you study as high as possible so that all your dreams and dreams are achieved.

Get beauty from happiness

"There is no cosmetics to get beauty besides happiness. "- Lady Blessington

We all know that many cosmetic products are sold on the market. In fact, the price varies until there are very expensive ones. However, the cosmetics will not be able to make yourself beautiful perfectly.

Look closely to see beauty

"Look closer. That beauty might not be seen. "- Immanuel Kant

Immanuel Kant quotes his wise words about beauty. To see beauty, you have to look closer. Beauty can not only be seen from its outer appearance. But, you must see it by paying attention to his personality too. That is true beauty.

About beautiful women

"Beautiful women heaven for the eyes, hell for the heart, and disaster for the bag." - Narji

Quotations of wise words about beauty are true. Many men like to see beautiful women. However, many beautiful women are interested in so that if the beauty does not have good manners, the man who loves her will be heartbroken. One more thing, beautiful women are likened to disasters for bags because care for being beautiful is not small.

Loved ones look beautiful

"She is very beautiful. Love makes me able to see the sky clearly at night. "- Lord George Byron

Women will always look beautiful for men who love them. Of course this is a very happy thing so you can see how beautiful the sky is at night. This beauty can only be enjoyed by those who can love their lovers.

Beautiful is not everything

"Don't just look for beautiful ones. Look for good, because among the good, some are beautiful. "- Mario Teguh

Mario Teguh, through his wise words, suggested finding a woman who was not only beautiful. But, a woman's personality is more important than beauty. It will be more perfect if there is a beautiful woman with a good personality.

That's a collection of wise words about beauty. How? Now you understand not about the true meaning of beauty. For those of you who don't have perfect physicality, don't be discouraged because inner beauty can be yours.

Then, for men, don't just look for women with consideration of their physical beauty, but you need to pay attention to the personality he has.

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