Things That Are in the Mind of a Woman When Meeting Handsome Guys

Hollisteristic.comWhen meeting or seeing a handsome and cool guy at an event, sometimes it makes us misbehave. At the very least, we will admire his handsomeness, even though it is only spoken in the heart.

Things That Are in the Mind of a Woman When Meeting Handsome Guys
Things That Are in the Mind of a Woman When Meeting Handsome Guys
For example, 'Very cool!', 'Handsome!', And so on. After a few moments of observing it, various other thoughts appeared in your mind. Here are some things that are in the minds of women when they see handsome guys.

1. Oh my gosh, so cool!

This is the most standard and first appears in the mind of a woman. They praise the boy silently. Usually this mind is accompanied by a close eye to the boy.

2. Want to make out with him

Fantasizing doing intimacy with the opposite sex is normal, normal and legitimate. And believe me, this desire can arise when you see or meet the opposite sex that attracts attention.

3. Dilemma

This is a common thought of women who have a hard time controlling themselves in the presence of very attractive men. The problem is, you already have a boyfriend, and remember, you can't just throw it away. But, this cool guy really caught your attention. Dilemma, that's what you experience.

4. Cooler than the former

The coolest guy in the world (do you think)? Of course this guy! Even ex-lovers are nothing compared to this guy. Hm, that proved true. Because without realizing it he helps you move quickly from the shadow of the former.

5. More cool boyfriend or her, huh?

Everyone must have done this: comparing their partners with others. It's normal to question whether you have made the right choice in choosing a partner, or there are better fish. Just remember, you can see, but can't touch it.

6. What is it like, are you making out with him in bed?

Not only men who when they see an attractive woman, then fantasize about making out with him in bed. But women also have fantasies like this when they see attractive men. It's okay to think and fantasize about it. It's normal and human.

7. We will have a cute baby

One more woman's fantasy when meeting a cool guy, which is to imagine himself having a cute child with that guy. Because guys are cool, it is likely that boys will look handsome and if girls will look beautiful.

8. Can you accept his presence?

Maybe you have had a boyfriend or been close to a man. The only problem is your parents, especially fathers, don't approve of your relationship and don't approve of the man close to you. Automatically if thoughts like 'whether daddy will be able to accept this cool guy close to me' appear in your mind.

9. Oh, he's similar to ...

When you see it, you feel you've seen, or even known him before. Either he is similar to a certain celebrity, or maybe he is a schoolmate when he is in kindergarten. It could be, right? It's not meant to know or admit to being acquainted, but when someone looks familiar, they will indeed look familiar, even though he's the coolest guy in the world. And when you try hard to remember who it is, you will unconsciously look closely at his face.

10. What models of shoes do you use?

It's hard to turn away from that handsome face. But like it or not you do it, because the appearance is also no less interesting. Starting from clothes to the shoes he wears.

11. He is too cool for that woman

You meet a handsome man, and unfortunately, he's not alone. There is a woman with him. You will automatically tend to make a comparison between him and the woman. And in the end, you will also compare yourself with that woman, which of course according to you, you is better and more appropriate to accompany the handsome man.

12. I don't think he wants to, accompany me to the event ....

Single women don't have an agenda for dating. But they have an agenda for social events, such as a friend's wedding, for example. Often, if you come alone (without a companion of the opposite sex) like to be mugged with the question, "where is the partner?". Maybe you can invite this cool guy to come with you to an event. Who knows he is willing (even though it might feel a bit strange because he just met).

13. Don't look too closely

Yes, you are looking at him, and can't look away from him! You can't stop looking at him! Even though he tried to stay calm and stopped staring, he couldn't. You can only say to yourself and keep saying to yourself and praying that she doesn't feel weird with your behavior.

14. Wow, a good body

Not only men who like to see a woman's body. Women also like to see a man's body. Maybe that cool guy has a proportional, athletic and muscular body shape.

15. Should you greet him?

Just saying "hello" or "hi" doesn't hurt. He will not wait for you just because you greeted him. Who knows, after that, you and he can chat intimately and your relationship can continue.

16. Ah, you don't have to dream of being your companion

You sometimes make comparisons with him and other women, and usually the result of that comparison is: you are not worthy of being with him and another woman is more worthy of being his companion. This is stupid thinking. You can and have the right to date anyone you want. Nothing is inappropriate and nothing is more appropriate. So, put a smile on your lips and look into his eyes, and walk toward him and let him realize your presence.

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