Treat Skin With 5 Practical Basic Skincare For Men

Hollisteristic.comNo need to feel embarrassed if you are a guy who likes to pay attention to skin health. Today, this is no longer taboo. Caring for skin health means being a form of self care. Paying attention to the health of the skin can also increase confidence. So it must be done as early as possible. Especially if you have a lot of activity outside and are often exposed to sunlight.
Treat Skin With 5 Practical Basic Skincare For Men
Treat Skin With 5 Practical Basic Skincare For Men
1. Facial Wash

Cleansing your face with facial soap is the first mandatory thing you must do when treating your skin. When active the face is exposed to dust and pollution that makes kusan and the appearance of many pimples. Get used to washing your face twice a day during morning and before going to bed. Make sure you use facial wash according to your skin type.

2. Face Toner

So that your skin feels fresh, you can also add face toner to your skin care series. Face toner serves to remove dead skin cells and keep facial skin from drying out. How to use face toner is enough to be poured in cotton and then patted on the face slowly.

3. Moisturizer

Moisturizer serves to hydrate and also control the water and oil levels in the face. The use of pelmebap must also be adjusted to the condition of the facial skin. If the skin type is already oily, the use of this moisturizer should not be too much, and vice versa if the skin type is dry, then the use of pelelmbab is highly recommended.

4. Sunscreen

For those of you who are active in outdoor activities, sunscreen is very important. Its function is certainly to protect the skin from sun exposure which can damage skin cells when exposed directly. Start using sunscreen now for future skin health.

5. Face Mask

Actually these masks for men are basic but optional skin care. This facial mask serves to help regenerate skin cells faster and also for skin rejuvenation. There are various types of living adapted to the type of skin such as masks for oily and acne skin, for dry skin or remove wrinkles.

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