4 Compulsory Health Checks Early in the Year

Hollisteristic.comThe new year has begun, maybe you have made several resolutions including health issues. If you are still confused about where to start the resolution, start with an annual health check. While still in the first week of January, immediately make an appointment for self-examination to the hospital / laboratory to find out about your health condition.

4 Compulsory Health Checks Early in the Year
Compulsory Health Checks Early in the Year
The following annual health checks that you must do according to age.

  • Routine physical examination, including checking blood pressure, blood sugar levels, cholesterol, thyroid function, and urine.
  • Health examination of female organs must be done at least once every two years. These tests include PAP smears, mammograms (breast examinations), hormone tests, and examination of reproductive organs.
  • Examination of the eyes - Even though you have no problems with eyes, this examination must be done. Just imagine, you use this sense of sight to see about 16-18 hours per day. Even 'torment' often by looking at computer and cellphone screens all the time.

Examination of the eyes
Examination of the eyes
  • Dental examination. The most common mistake people often make is to go to the dentist only when they have a toothache. Though dentists always recommend that you do an examination every six months - even though there are no problems. You can also use this opportunity to clean tartar.

Dental examination
Dental examination

In addition to standard examinations such as in your 20s, you are also required to carry out women's health checks and mammograms every year. This is because the risk of breast cancer increases with age.


40s and above

  • Standard examinations are definitely mandatory, plus cholesterol tests and heart tests.
  • For men over the age of 50, it is also advisable to do a prostate examination.

cholesterol tests and heart tests
Cholesterol tests and heart tests

After doing an overall health check, don't forget to also do an annual flu vaccination, yes. Congratulations, check it out!

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