5 Grooming Mistakes That Men Don't Realize

Hollisteristic.comGrooming utility is one of the things that might be boring. This activity is always repeated and requires special treatment. Being a man with good grooming quality certainly has nothing to lose. In fact, it will bring a lot of opportunities, be it from your career field or your love relationship.
5 Grooming Mistakes That Men Don't Realize
5 Grooming Mistakes That Men Don't Realize
Creating a good grooming routine cannot be formed as quickly as turning your palm. It takes practice, consistent habits and ongoing experiments.

Performing with maximum grooming not only provides extraordinary confidence in yourself, but also affects those closest to you. They certainly will be more open and do not consider you one eye when socializing.

You may have a list or checklist of grooming routines every day. But sometimes other factors such as laziness or narrow time, do not suffice you to do it all. If that happens, at least avoid some of the following grooming errors.

Grooming Error # 1: Shave Before Bathing

Grooming Error - Shave Before Bathing
Grooming Error - Shave Before Bathing
The debate about when the right time to shave is endless. Some say after taking a shower, but others say before taking a shower.

It's not wrong if you shave before taking a shower. It will even shorten the time. But when viewed in terms of benefits, shaving before showering has more positive points.
  • The shaving process is more comfortable. Pores on your skin and fine hair become more adaptable when shaved.
  • Feathers are easier to shave in wet conditions. Although without bathing, the feathers are also exposed to water, but the intensity of the length of the feathers exposed to water is better after bathing.
  • Feathers become softer about 70% after bathing. This is one of the important points why you should take a shower before shaving. When your soft hair becomes softer, it will certainly be easier to shave.

Grooming Mistake # 2: Too Excessive in Hair Oil

Grooming Mistake - 2 Too Excessive in Hair Oil
Grooming Mistake - 2 Too Excessive in Hair Oil
Using excessive hair oil products such as wax, gel or pomade can damage your hair. Each strand of your hair grows about 1/4 inch every month.

If your hair has too long direct contact with the chemical content of hair oil, it can speed up hair loss and inhibit its growth cycle.

Grooming Mistake # 3: The use of perfume does not match the event and is very stinging

Grooming Mistake - 3 The use of perfume does not match the event and is very stinging
Grooming Mistake - 3 The use of perfume does not match the event and is very stinging
Have you ever met someone who stung the perfume? Excessive use of perfume does not give a good impression of grooming, instead it will disturb people around.

The use of good perfume is when the smell only smells about 80-100 cm. If more than that, it has been ascertained that its use is too much.

It's good to use perfume according to the event that will be attended. It is important for you to have several kinds of perfumes with different scents.
  • Perfume during the day - Choose a perfume that smells light and fresh.
  • Perfume at night - Choose perfume with a strong and strong aroma.

Grooming Error # 4: Ignore With Small Disruptive Dirt

Although the size is small, but the impact can be very large on your appearance, especially in your first impression. It's not easy to maintain a consistent appearance. But at least avoid some of the annoying forms of small dirt,
  • Dandruff on your shoulders. It is difficult to realize whether it also has dandruff or not. Most of your interlocutors will only be silent and are reluctant to reprimand, except good friends or your spouse. It never hurts to always check your shoulders, "just in case" if later the dandruff suddenly scattered irregularly on your shoulders.
  • Dirty fingernails. There can be no doubt, this is one of your first instant impressions. Always keep your nails from dirt and cut them regularly.
  • Toothy teeth. It's useless to use bad breath products but the yellow crust and coral on the teeth are not noticed. With no dirt crusting on your teeth, you will be more confident when you smile.

Grooming Error # 5: Foot Odor

Foot Odor
Foot Odor
Most people may focus on how to avoid body odor and bad breath. But maybe neglecting foot odor. Its location is rarely seen in the eyes, cleanliness of the feet sometimes escape attention.

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Not only body odor, odor in the legs is also very disturbing. You must often swear in your heart when you meet someone who has very bad foot odor. Surely that swear doesn't want to go back to you right?

Therefore, preventing the foot from smelling is one of the grooming that you need to pay attention to. Odor in the feet can occur due to accumulation of dirt on your shoes, socks and feet. So make sure the three parts are always clean and odorless.

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