Do These 7 Things To Make Your Partner Not Angry Again After You Fight

Hollisteristic.comThere will be no relationship without conflict or contention, because establishing a relationship is bringing together two heads who have 2 different opinions and thoughts. A fight in a relationship is a natural thing, but this can be an excuse to strengthen or even destroy your relationship.
 Do These 7 Things To Make Your Partner Not Angry Again After You Fight

If you and your partner can go through a fight and take lessons from the fight, your relationship will definitely be stronger. But on the contrary if you lose with your own ego and emotions, that will destroy your relationship.

When there is a fight, one of you must be able to give in to apologize so that you can resolve the conflict immediately. And sometimes you as a man must have the initiative to apologize to your partner. You must be able to make your partner calm and not angry again after a fight.

You don't need to beg for an apology from him with the gift or attention you give him. If you can be more sensitive to your partner's feelings, you should know exactly what your partner needs and wants when you are angry.
What kind of treatment they want when they are angry. That way the conflict in your relationship is quickly completed.

But it is not an easy thing to be sensitive to what our partners want, unless you are already trained and used to face the anger of your partner and can always calm them down. Don't worry anymore, from now on you can calm your partner with 7 ways to make your partner not angry again after this fight:

1. Calm yourself first so you don't get emotional too

When there is a quarrel if you are both emotional, what happens instead of you solving the problem will actually increase the trivial problem. So, make sure you calm yourself first so that you don't ignite emotions and scold your partner. When you can calm yourself, you will also be more able to calm your partner.

Because when you can calm down, you will not be angry and issue negative words that will actually hurt your partner and exacerbate the conflict between you.
Remember, if you don't want to lose your partner, learn to calm yourself first before you regret the couple leaving you just because you can't hold your anger.

2. Immediately apologize to the couple

Don't procrastinate apologizing when a fight occurs. Because precisely this will make misunderstandings and your fights worse. The couple will think that you don't care about your problems and have no intention to improve the situation. You must take the initiative to immediately apologize to the couple after a fight.

Don't mind the reaction of your partner to your apology, at least your good intentions to apologize and alleviate conflict will surely be appreciated by your partner and your partner will be more calm.
After he can calmly invite him to talk and discuss the problems that occur. Ask your partner what you can do to improve the situation.

3. Listen and understand the reasons for his anger

Compared to the two of you who are emotional and keep arguing, you better give in and ask him what made him so angry?
Listen to the story and explanation, then understand why he can be so angry. Position yourself as your partner. What you want your partner to do to you when something like that happens, that's what you can do with your partner.

Try to understand your partner before you demand your partner to understand you. The way to understand it is to be a good listener for couples.

Listen to his opinion why he can be so angry, what you can do so he can be calmer and understand what he feels.

4. Give yourself time for each error introspection

If you are both emotional, it is better for you to give yourself and your partner time to be together and introspect your mistakes.
When you are both able to calm yourself down, then you talk about the problems that cause your quarrel now.

You must have your own time to prevent you from doing things that you will regret when you are still emotional.

You can tell your partner if you better calm yourself each other than you have to keep hurting each other because your emotions and ego are both high. But give a time limit for your loneliness, when you are calm, you can solve your problems again.

The sooner you can calm yourself better. Because letting the problem drag on for too long will only add new problems that shouldn't happen if you can solve old problems quickly.

5. Forgive yourself before you apologize to your partner

Why all this time you are proud and do not want to budge to apologize to your partner when you fight because you yourself cannot forgive yourself so you do not want to apologize to your partner.
Try to forgive yourself before you apologize to your partner.

Don't blame yourself, quarrels occur not because of one party, but indeed because you both have the same ego and emotions. Solve your problems with adulthood, there is nothing wrong with you to succumb to apologizing first to your partner if you can forgive yourself.

6. Always look for positive things from your quarrel

A fight can be a reinforcement and destroyer of your relationship. So when you try to solve your problems, find out the positive things and lessons you can take from your quarrel. Don't let you make the same mistake in the future.
At least you can avoid the cause of your problem now so it won't happen again in the future and you also know how to solve it if you experience new problems.

Find a solution to solve your problems, invite your partner to talk and discuss rather than just silence and harbor your anger. What should you do to avoid further misunderstandings among others? What do you expect from your quarrel? And what lessons can you take from your quarrel?

7. Remember all the good that the couple has given you

Remember all the good that the couple has given you
Remember all the good that the couple has given you
When you are in a fight and emotions in your partner, calm yourself by remembering all the good that your partner has given you.
What are the things your partner has done to make you happy all this time and how your struggle has maintained your relationship so far.

Remember all the struggles with you and if only yesterday you can get through all the problems well, now you have to get through this problem too. Remembering all your goodness and struggles to maintain your relationship so far will prevent you from hurting your partner with actions or harsh words.

That's the 7 things you have to do to calm angry couples after a fight. Do not consider a fight as a major conflict that will destroy your relationship, but just think of your quarrel as a process of maturing yourself to find incompatibility between you and find the best solution to resolve the incompatibility.

If you are already mature, you should be able to resolve conflicts in your relationship in an adult way too.
Giving time for couples to calm themselves is one way. At least if you both can calm and forgive yourself first, you will be more able to apologize and forgive your partner.

How you manage conflict in your relationship is one of the abilities that you must have as a man. You must be able to control whatever happens in your relationship. Starting from how to get the partner's trust and convince your partner if you are loyal to him, how do you relieve conflict in your relationship, how do you deal with the couple's jealousy and many other things that can affect harmony in your relationship.

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At least you have to have the ability to calm yourself so that you cannot be easily defeated by emotion and ego during a fight. You must be able to manage your emotions so as not to get angry, make your problems bigger and even make your relationship destroyed.

If you want to have a lasting relationship and can make each other happy, you must be able to solve the problems that occur in your relationship. Don't let small problems become big just because you can't control your emotions. Make sure you always control your emotions by always positive thinking and learning to forgive yourself.

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