Hard to approach Future lover? Maybe he's one of the five types of girls

Hollisteristic.comHey boys! Are you upset because your hit is very difficult to approach? Don't give up too quickly and label the girl "selling expensive" because she might be the type who still wants and likes to sing. Because not all women are sad and upset with their single status, some of the following types of girls are actually very comfortable.

prospective girlfriend is hard to approach
Prospective girlfriend is hard to approach
In addition, you need to recognize the type of girl so you can take the right PDKT step. These are the 5 types of girls who like to sing and how to conquer them.

1. Quiet and lonely

Quiet and lonely
Quiet and lonely
One type of girl really likes to be alone compared to hanging out with other people especially those who are newly known. Even when he gathered, he was more silent and only answered as needed. This type of person really really enjoyed his playing times, so if asked about dating he would say it was a waste of time and considered it to be complicated and difficult.

So when you are dealing with this type of girl, the right step you have to do is to approach him slowly and be patient with his cool attitude. Pay attention, but don't overdo it and don't be too aggressive because it will only make them uncomfortable and feel you are a threat to their comfort zone.

Start making friends first, always greet him when you meet, find a topic that makes him comfortable, always help and give attention when he needs you. Make him feel comfortable and start depending on you, so he doesn't consider you a threat anymore.

2. Concerning career

Concerning career
Concerning career
Career women are also the type that is difficult to approach. Because what filled their brains was how to make his career even brighter. And the mind of a guy or dating is in the back of the brain. This type also considers that dating will only be a waste of time and has a bad influence on his career.

The way PDKT for this type of girl is to show that you will always encourage and support your decisions and desires in a career. Besides, don't treat it too often, let him occasionally return your treat or pay for his own food.

Because a career woman is an independent type who considers herself equal to a man, she can feel underestimated if you always refuse when she will pay for her food. And most importantly, don't limit it to doing work. Once you limit the job, you will be included in the blacklist.

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3. Always the center of attention

Always the center of attention
Always the center of attention
Have you ever seen a girl who has always been the center of attention and estimated by a lot of guys, but she is still playing? Some may find it strange with this type of girl, even though they only point to it but how come it still feels like it.

Actually there are several reasons why the girl still chooses to sing. The first reason was that so many had a crush on her that this girl was confused in choosing which one until finally from the headache she chose to reject everything. The second reason is because it is too often boasted, it becomes doubtful the intention of the guy who approached him. Is that guy really serious or just playing games, and just teasing him.

The method of PDKT with this type of girl is to show that you are different from other guys who approach and tease her just to play games. Don't just rely on words, prove your seriousness with action. Make it clear that you are serious about your intentions and not playing games, immediately apply for example.

4. Trauma with love

Trauma with love
Trauma with love
This type of girl is difficult to approach because she is afraid of being hurt. The cause could be because he never failed to establish a relationship with a previous partner, or because he witnessed his closest person suffer from love. This type is also very difficult to heal yourself from the pain he experienced, therefore he prefers to reject the love that comes to him for fear of being hurt again.

It's a bit difficult indeed to approach this type of girl like this, but that doesn't mean there's no way to conquer it. But investigate first whether you really love him or just curious about him. Don't let you want to conquer it just because of curiosity and finally leave it. That will make the trauma of love even greater.

If you believe you really love him then all you have to do is don't give a lot of rag or seduction, because this won't work for them. Show that you are serious and there is no intention to play, let alone hurt it as it did before.

5. Looking for a dream husband

Looking for a dream husband
Looking for a dream husband
This type of girl is a serious type who thinks about the future, she is looking for a guy not just to date but to be a husband. This type is very picky, there is only one of you that is not in accordance with the list of the ideal guy he has, then you will be immediately eliminated.

For example if you smoke while he doesn't like smokers, then he will immediately cross you from the list. Or he wants to find a partner who is still one area with him so that when he missed his family he could go home immediately while your hometown was far away, this would directly affect his consideration whether he would open his heart to you or not.

Then how do we win his heart, even though we are a guy who must be eliminated because he doesn't fit his ideal type? Easy trouble. All you have to do is to convince him that you can become his ideal man.

For example, you will stop smoking, if you marry you you will live in his area, or if you live in your hometown, you can be sure that if he longs for his family you can take him home to meet his family.

The point is you can convince him that behind his ideal criteria that don't suit you, you can provide a solution that can convince him. As long as the change leads to good things then change for him.

But remember not to be an ideal guy makes you forget your identity, because most people try to be "ideal couples" but instead forget their true identity. If that is the case, you better find someone else who can accept you for who you are.

Well! Those are the 5 types of girls that are hard to approach, their reasons like that, and the PDKT tips that are appropriate for each type. Good Luck huh! Don't be discouraged and keep fighting.

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