Have Oily Skin, Don't Aggravate with These 4 Habits

Hollisteristic.comOily skin owners often feel their appearance is disturbed. The skin looks dull and does not glow. The causes of oily skin are quite diverse, one of them is the use of incorrect cosmetics.

Have Oily Skin, Don't Aggravate with These 4 Habits
Have Oily Skin, Don't Aggravate with These 4 Habits
There are a number of habits that can aggravate the appearance of excess oil on the face. The following habits should be avoided so that oily skin is not getting worse.

# Wash your face too often

When the face feels very oily and dull it sometimes creates a desire to wash it. This actually makes oil appear more. After washing the face, the skin will feel very dry. When the skin is dry, the oil gland will produce more oil to keep the skin moist.

# Too much eating fried food

The amount of oil on the face can also be caused by the wrong diet, including eating too much fried food. Fried snacking habits can also affect oil production in the skin glands.

# Often change makeup

Women are usually easily tempted by the latest makeup products. Makeup changes can not only make the face more oily but also cause acne to other skin problems.

# Often do exfoliation

Exfoliating regularly is needed so that dead skin cells are lifted. But if too often it makes the skin more oily, even irritated and other skin problems arise.

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