What are the types of Monk Strap Shoes?

Hollisteristic.comMonk shoes or monk strap shoes are one type of dress shoes that do not use straps. These shoes can be used at formal or semi-formal occasions. Most of these types of shoes are made of leather. Monk strap shoes, some are made of suede material.

What are the types of Monk Strap Shoes
What are the types of Monk Strap Shoes?
This monk strap type shoe is very well suited to your best suit. Not only that, if you are more confident to appear semi-formal, these shoes are also very suitable with your blazer.

In its use, monk strap shoes are usually very identical between formal and semi-formal. If Oxford shoes are too formal and Derby is more semi-formal, the presence of monk strap shoes is between them.

The fundamental difference in monk strap shoes is only the number of binders. In general, these monk strap shoes are of two types, namely the double strap and single strap models. But there are also monk strap shoes with the type of tripple strap, it's just that this type is less popular.

Type of Monk shoes
Type of Monk shoes
The design is without using a rope, making monk shoes is perfect for those of you who want to be practical and "do not want complicated" when tightening shoes.

Between Tripple. Double, Which Single Strap Is Better?

When talking about quality, it certainly cannot be seen from the naked eye. Need to look more closely at the product. Of course, the quality of the material is the reference

However, if you talk about the type, the most common and popular type of monk shoes is a single strap and double strap. Monk shoes with tripple strap type are less widely used. Probably because the model is too less simple with the large number of straps on the shoe.

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When viewed from its function, a double strap is enough to make your shoes not loose. While on a tripple strap, your shoes might be firmer. However, it is less effective when using. Especially if you are the type of person who always wants to be fast-paced.

This type of single strap can be a top choice for those of you who don't want to be complicated when using it. Quite simple and shorten your time, both when removing and using it.

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