Why Do You Have to Stay the Best? - Part # 1

Hollisteristic.comPrevious people said that to get a first impression, you only have a maximum chance of only one time. Yes! There is no second chance for that. Many things around us that need first impressions.

Why Do You Have to Stay the Best? - Part # 1
Why Do You Have to Stay the Best? - Part # 1
The results of recent research reported by media mirror.co.uk said that a person's first impression is formed only takes about 119 seconds. The research was carried out by a credit monitoring service agency, Experian CreditExpert

We realize that it is quite difficult to remain consistent in developing ourselves and staying in a fairly good appearance. Not a few are the reasons and limitations that become obstacles.

As mentioned in the previous article about "Men's Fashion Paradigm That Must Be Understood" that there are at least two obstacles, namely money and body factors that are not ideal.

These two things usually become the biggest barrier in developing themselves especially in terms of appearance. Limited money factors often make our clothing collection that way.

Body factors that are not ideal, make ourselves become very self-conscious and become men who fight for the slogan "Men appear as they are"

Therefore, in order to remain consistent to continue to develop themselves in terms of appearance, it's good for you to know a few things why you should still look best. Some of these things can make you a good fundamental basis for moving forward.

1. Creating a Positive First Impression

By staying the best, you can be an attractive person. You also must have realized that the importance of the first impression moment in any case is so important. Not only from attitude, but also from your appearance.

It has become human nature that they like to judge people based on what they see. Humans tend to formulate initial opinions about someone before they actually talk together.

This indicates that the clothes you wear will have a direct effect on everyone's assumptions about you.

The better you are in dress, the respect and attention they will automatically give.

2. Clothing can improve social status in your environment

The clothes you wear can help increase people's reactions to you. The social environment is something that is basically very closely related to visual problems.

A person who is well dressed will usually experience better treatment than someone who looks ordinary. No matter who the person is and what position.

The clothes you wear can show your character in the eyes of strangers who don't know you more deeply in a social environment.

Because in a social environment with many foreigners in it, they cannot judge you deeper before interacting except from your appearance.

3. Teach You About Responsibilities

Maintaining a consistent appearance will create a sense of responsibility towards yourself. Suppose you are a product. Quality products will always be maintained, monitored with good quality through good quality control standards.

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Products that have low quality will certainly not have a positive impact on the company.

So do you. Have you become a person who has a positive impact on many people? Are you responsible for the little things in yourself?

If you still haven't started to have a sense of responsibility towards yourself, especially the quality of appearance you have, being a person who will have a positive impact on the people will only be a discourse.

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"You are your greatest asset. Put your time, effort and money to encourage your greatest asset.

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