The 4 Strobing Techniques You Need to Know. He said the results are better than conturing Strobing is a technique that is still fairly new in the world of make-up, which is said to be able to take over fans of contouring. This strobing technique is said to be replacing the contouring trend that had flourished because it was introduced by Kim Kardashian and make-up artist, Mario. In contrast to contouring, strobing does not focus on shading in the face area but highlights.

The 4 Strobing Techniques You Need to Know. He said the results are better than conturing
The 4 Strobing Techniques You Need to Know. He said the results are better than conturing
If on contouring you have to work hard to create the illusion of a shadow on your face to make it look thin and firm, with strobing you will focus more on the highlights to make it look glowing and prominent.

This new trend is said to be replacing contouring which has become a trend of a million people so far. But what are the reasons that make strobing can be a substitute for contouring which has become a mandatory activity for almost all women because of the steps that are not too many and complicated.
People often think that creating the illusion of skin that looks naturally shiny is a hassle and requires a lot of effort and energy. But who knows that strobing isn't as seribet as we imagined. Far different from contouring that requires a lot of effort to make it look flawless, what you need to do for strobing is just a handful of make-up; moisturizer, base make-up, and highlighter.
Following are the steps in doing a good and correct strobing:


Moisturizer is the most important key in strobing. After all, indeed the purpose of this strobing is to make the illusion of a naturally shiny face right? Moist skin is a perfect canvas to make you look naturally glowing. So it's important for you to use a moisturizer that is suitable and right for your skin type.

Many people who think it's wrong to say that oily skin doesn't need to use a moisturizer. But all types of skin actually need a suitable moisturizer. Precisely because your face lacks fluids, your face will produce excess oil so that your face is moist. People who have oily skin can use a gel-shaped moisturizer.

Base Make Up

Because basically this strobing aims to look "glowing from the inside", the makeup you need to use doesn't need to be too thick, just base, like a foundation and concealer that has been set with powder. That is enough to prepare the canvas needed for perfect strobing.

Apply bronzer, but not excessive

Besides highlighter, you also need to use a little bronzer so that it looks natural. The purpose of this bronzer is not to create sculpted illusions such as contouring techniques, but rather to add a little shade to the face to make it look warmer to compensate for the pallor of your face after applying the base make up.

Don't forget, the application of the core bronzer should not be excessive and take over its main focus! Highlights! So use just enough.

The Right Highlighter

The next critical point when doing strobing is the choice of the right highlighter color so that it looks natural and effortless. Even though many highlighter colors look tempting, the highligter won't look good and natural on your face nor does the color match.

The white skin usually matches the champange pitched highligter while the medium colored skin is more suited to the highlighter that leads to pink champange. Besides that, the slightly dark skin is perfect for the orange brown highlighter. Gold Highlighter also looks perfect for people with straight yellow skin. So choose your highlighter wisely!
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In addition, the application of highlighter should also be in a place that should have been, namely the prominent parts. If you don't understand, just imagine you are bathed in sunlight, and the part of your face that is shiny due to sunlight is the part that you should highlight. These parts are usually concurrent: cheekbones, brow bones, nasal bones, and upper midline lip line called cupid's bow.

So that's the good and right strobing steps. Simple right? Because indeed the concept of strobing is to make the face look shiny naturally without excessive make-up. This technique has been loved by many world celebrities. When do you try?

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